There are four hidden dangers hidden in crossing your legs

Xiao Wang has just taken part in the college entrance examination. He has taken off his burden of study and finally has time to play happily. Recently, he devoted himself to online games, fighting day and night, and liked to cross his legs. Slowly, he felt that his right leg was struggling to move and he was limping. After diagnosis, it was found that they were all caused by crossing their legs, resulting in paralysis of the sciatic nerve and the common peroneal nerve.

1. Injured spine . Qu Liuxin, director of the Department of orthopedics and traumatology of Chinese medicine at CUHK hospital, points out that when you cross your legs, your pelvis tilts, and your lumbar spine is not evenly stressed. When you lean forward, your spine bows. Over a long period of time, it is easy to cause strain and deformation of your spine, and even prolapse of your lumbar intervertebral disc. People who have problems with intervertebral disc herniation and scoliosis will also aggravate their conditions.

2. Affect male reproductive health . Jin Baofang, director of the andrology Department of Chinese and Western medicine at CUHK hospital, believes that when you cross your legs for a long time, the perineum of the prostate will be compressed and the blood circulation will not be smooth, which will cause microcirculation disorders, affect cell function, and may cause prostate pain. In addition, the suitable temperature for sperm growth is generally 0.3 ℃ ~ 0.5 ℃ lower than the normal temperature. When the legs are crossed, the two legs are clamped. Local temperature rise will “heat up” the sperm.

3. Cause dysmenorrhea and gynecological inflammation . Dr. Liu Hongmei, from the Department of traditional Chinese medicine of CUHK hospital, said that when a woman crossed her legs, the inner thighs were closely fitted, and the temperature around the perineum increased. Especially in high-temperature summer and plum rain season, if the perineum is in a warm and humid environment for a long time, it may lead to the propagation of pathogenic bacteria and lead to vaginitis and other diseases. Women who cross their legs and sit for a long time during menstruation will also lead to poor local blood circulation and aggravate dysmenorrhea.

4. Cause varicose veins of lower limbs . Qu Liuxin pointed out that the main blood vessels that supply blood to the lower limbs pass through the popliteal fossa. If you sit cross legged for a long time, one knee just abuts the popliteal fossa of the other leg. After the blood vessels are compressed, they will affect the blood circulation of the legs, and over time, they may cause varicose veins.

Long term cross legging does increase the risk of many diseases, but it is a cumulative process. It has little impact if you cross your legs occasionally or for a short time each time. If you can’t change the habit of crossing your legs at ordinary times, you’d better control the length of time and cross your legs. Qu Liuxin recommended the correct sitting posture for everyone: lean back on the back of the chair with a support to reduce the pressure on the lumbar spine. The height of the chair is exquisite. If it is too low, it is equivalent to being in a squatting position. The pressure on the sitting bones becomes large, and the lumbar spine is easy to strain and deform; Too high, both legs are suspended, the bottom of the thigh is pressed, and the blood circulation is affected. Therefore, the height of the chair should be adjusted according to the height and leg length, so that the thighs and calves are at 90 degrees when sitting upright, and the legs are in a relaxed state.

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