How to whiten and repair the beauty that turns white in seconds? How to whiten and repair, turn white and rich in seconds

After wearing sunscreen, I found that I still have the potential to become a judge. But our goal is to become snow white. How do we take care of ourselves after sunburn? To repair after sunburn, you must learn the correct care steps. This is the first step to be snow white. Are you doing it right? Xiaobian now introduces the misconceptions of post sun repair and the correct care steps. You should take a good look.

In addition to heat and dryness, I can’t think of a better adjective to describe the summer of 2013. The blazing sun is tormenting us, sunburning, tanning and aging our skin. Girls all know that we need to repair after sunburn, but if we don’t repair properly, it will have adverse effects. This article will disclose the misunderstanding of repair after sunburn and the correct steps.

The misconception that you can’t touch when repairing after sunburn

1。 Wash your face with too cold and too hot water immediately after sunburn

The skin after sunburn is very fragile, so it is most appropriate to wash your face with warm water at about 35 degrees Celsius, and it is best not to choose cleanser. Too cold water will stimulate the damaged skin and increase the burden on the skin. Overheated water will make

2。 Exfoliate immediately after sunburn

The outermost protective surface of the skin has been sunburned, resulting in loopholes, and the tender skin below is exposed, which is vulnerable to secondary damage. At this time, if you still need to use substances such as fruit acid to remove the dead skin on your face, it will aggravate the damage of the skin, resulting in sensitive skin or red blood. Generally speaking, the growth cycle of the skin is 28 days. If you want to do exfoliation care, you must wait until the skin recovers completely.

3。 Do whitening first after tanning

wrong! The sunburned skin is extremely short of water. The first skin care process is to calm down and then replenish water. A soothing moisturizing facial mask is needed to urgently replenish water for the skin, and a moisturizing cream should be applied to lock up the moisture. It is not too late to whiten the sunburned skin after it has received enough moisture to rebuild its structure.

4。 Do a good job. Don’t avoid it after repairing

Repair after sunburn is only an emergency measure. If you want to restore your skin to a perfect state, it must be a long-term battle. In addition to continuing to intensively replenish water, resist oxidation and whiten, you should also drink more water, eat fruits and vegetables, and eat less sweets and meat to create conditions conducive to the absorption of vitamin B groups.

Correct post sun repair steps:

1。 wash one ‘s face

After returning home, after the skin cools down to normal temperature, wash your face with warm water close to the body temperature, and try not to use facial cleanser. If you want to use it, it is recommended to use milk, honey and other moisturizing ingredients. The acidity of milk has the effect of astringency and anti-inflammatory. After cleaning, do a good job of moisturizing, including applying facial mask, taking astringent water and applying moisturizing cream.

2。 Sedative repair

Put the milk in the refrigerator to cool for 20 minutes to 1 hour, and then take it out for standby. After soaking the cotton wool in the milk, gently wipe your face. If you feel it is too troublesome, you can directly take out the cotton wool, drain it a little, stick it on your face, wait 15 minutes, take it off, and wash it with warm water.

3。 Dressing

Make a cup of green tea, filter out the tea leaves, take only the tea juice, fully mix the green tea powder, honey and milk into a paste or paste, then apply it to your face, wait for 15 minutes, and then wash it off. Green tea can gently protect injured skin, honey and milk can promote skin repair and make your skin smooth and white.

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