Drama is good for EQ and health

Recently, a Langya list has exploded in the circle of friends with word of mouth. Xiaobian wants to ask you if you have read it! This ancient costume drama, which is popular all over the country, makes many friends around Xiaobian chase after it day and night, eating, sleeping and cooking TV dramas!

However, many people will feel self reproach after burning TV series. Why? I feel that I have wasted all my good time on Drama (such a young man is really honest!). But don’t be nervous. The research has said that if you watch the right TV series, your life will not be wasted, but can reap many positive effects, such as learning foreign languages.

watching TV plays is self reproach? Sao Nian, your idea is very dangerous.

Recently, a study published in psychology of aesthetics, creativity, and the arts shows that watching TV series can improve our perceptual cognitive ability.

The research group conducted an experiment on 100 participants. The subjects were divided into two groups. One group watched the TV series mad men or the White House, and the other group watched the documentary program the origin of the universe or Shark Week: the attack of the great white shark. They were also tested on their perceptual cognition (which can also be simply understood as emotional intelligence test).

The researchers showed the subjects 36 pairs of eyes and asked them to judge the feelings expressed by each pair of eyes. The results showed that those who watched TV series performed better in the test than those who watched documentaries.

In order to improve the accuracy of the experiment, the research team further played the TV series “the good wife” and “lost”, the documentary “nova” series and “crossing the wormhole” to all people, and joined a new group – the control group. Participants in the control group directly participated in the eye judgment test and did not watch any TV programs.

The experimental results show that compared with the people who watch documentaries, the subjects who are keen on TV dramas can get high scores in the test of perceptual cognitive ability.

Why does this difference occur? Research shows that fictional TV dramas have complex characters, and audiences form their own views on the characters according to their own perspectives. That is to say, when you see Mei Changsu, you will feel that he is intelligent.

The characters in the play show their character characteristics through different ways of emotional expression. Unlike the documentary, there is no boring plot that burns the brain too much in this process. The plot of the TV series is diverse. Even the brain burning suspense film will provide a complete plot for the audience.

It is worth noting that in the drama, the audience can make relevant reasoning according to the inner world of the characters in the drama. This thinking and reasoning behavior is conducive to improving the observation ability. This also explains why watching TV plays is conducive to improving perceptual cognition.

Well, what Xiaobian wants to say is that choosing a high-quality TV series is the key to improving emotional intelligence. If we often watch some silly white sweet or thundery TV dramas, our relevant abilities will not be improved, but will fall into unrealistic fantasies. And there are also many excellent works in domestic dramas, including Amway.

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