Nine symptoms suggest that the body is on strike!

1. Low back pain:

This may be cystitis or adnexitis. You should go to the hospital for blood and urine tests. If necessary, you can do cystoscopy. At this time, drink more water and avoid spicy and spicy food. Anti inflammation and physical therapy. If you take a bath with pumpkin oil or sandalwood oil, the effect will be very good.

2. Irritability:

Crying because of a little trifle, maybe it doesn’t fit your character. This requires examination of the thyroid gland, and the central nervous system is most sensitive to thyroid hormone imbalance. Initial symptoms: easily excited, irritable, crying, insomnia, good appetite but growing thinner, and menstrual disorder.

3. Frequent dizziness:

I should check my blood pressure. People of any age can suffer from hypotension, which usually occurs in women aged 35-40 years. You should adjust your diet and choose sports that are good for you, such as swimming.

4. When you get up in the morning, your eyes are slightly swollen and have dark circles under your eyes:

This is probably the result of long-term fatigue. If edema occurs frequently, you should check your kidney. According to statistics, the probability of women suffering from kidney stones is 1.5 times that of men.

5. At night, my leg is swollen and I become unconscious:

This is a symptom of chronic venous failure. You need to eat more raw vegetables, which contain fibers that can strengthen the vein wall. Do leg exercises several times a day.

6. Frequent hand and foot cramps:

This may be due to lack of calcium and vitamin D. They determine the stiffness of bones and the contraction of muscles. I want to eat more dairy products, liver and seafood.

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