6 tips for removing acne thoroughly? 6 acne removing tips to completely eliminate acne

I believe that many mm have acne troubles, especially because of anger, indigestion, or menstruation, which will lead to acne on MM’s face. What should we do? What are the best ways to eliminate acne that can solve all acne troubles? Today, Xiaobian will introduce them to you one by one.

Acne removing tips

One of the best ways to eliminate acne: Banana olive facial mask

Materials: one banana and half a spoonful of olive oil.


1. Mash and peel the bananas, add half a spoonful of olive oil, and put them into a bowl together;

2. After stirring, apply it on your face for 10 minutes and wash it off. 2 ~ 3 times a week.

Efficacy: in autumn, when the skin is dry, olive oil can nourish the skin and restore smoothness. Banana has the effect of keeping the skin tight and restoring elasticity. It also has a good effect on preventing acne.

Acne removing tips 2: Aloe acne removing facial mask

Materials: 30g aloe, 10g Astragalus, 10g Angelica


1. Remove the skin and thorns of aloe and leave the meat.

2. Grind Astragalus membranaceus and Angelica sinensis into powder and mix. Aloe Vera and traditional Chinese medicine powder are mixed with a small amount of water to form a powder.

3. Apply to face for 15 minutes.

Efficacy: Aloe has anti-inflammatory and sedative effects, which is particularly effective in suppressing acne, and it is easy to grow!

3-minute cleansing method

Step 1: first prepare a clean and soft dry towel and a piece of neutral soap with little irritation;

Step 2: rub the soap in warm water (22-23 degrees) to make bubbles. The more foam the better. Hold up the foam with both hands and wash your face for 1 minute. Xiaobian reminds mm not to be too hard!

Step3: then wash with hot water (38-40 degrees) for 20 seconds, and then wash with warm water for 20 seconds. Repeat this three times. If it is better to use a shower, the face should be about one punch away from the nozzle. While spraying the face (with hot water), gently tap the face with your finger belly. And spray the water for 20 seconds.

Step4: wipe the water on your face with a dry towel, and then gently press your face to absorb water.

Step5: finally, apply the lotion with astringent effect. If you feel tense after applying it, you can apply it more times.

Tips for eliminating acne: native melon root powder and honey facial mask

Material: 10g native melon root powder + a little honey.

How to do it: put the native melon root powder into a bowl, add a little honey, smear it on the face for about 30 minutes, and then wash it.

Efficacy: native melon root has the effect of clearing away heat and toxin, eliminating swelling and knot, and promoting blood circulation and breaking blood stasis. It can completely remove facial toxins, promote blood circulation, improve skin blood circulation, eliminate facial black spots, and effectively remove acne and pockmarks.

Five tips for eliminating acne: Stewed snow clam with osmanthus and Tremella

Materials: 20 grams of Osmanthus fragrans, 20 grams of Tremella rock sugar and 10 grams of snow clam


1. First, wash the osmanthus to remove impurities; Hair Tremella with warm water for 2 hours.

2. Remove the pedicle head and impurities and tear them into petals; Soak snow clams in warm water, wash and chop them; Rock sugar crumbled.

3. Finally, put Osmanthus fragrans, snow clam, rock sugar and Tremella in a stew pot, add 500ml of water, boil with water, and then simmer for about 35 minutes. Wait a little while, and then you can take them out for eating.

Six tips for eliminating acne: Stewed scorpion soup with kelp red beans

Preparation materials: 10g kelp, 15g red bean, 3G Tianqi, 70g lean meat and 6 raw scorpions.


1. Wash laminaria, adzuki bean and Panax notoginseng to remove impurities.

2. Wash the lean meat and cut it into pieces.

3. Add a proper amount of ginger slices and stew for 2-3 hours.

Efficacy: clear away heat and remove silt, and dissolve the knot after chemotherapy.

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