Effective acne food therapy? What is the effective acne food therapy

Acne is the most annoying. There are many ways to remove acne. Dietotherapy is one of the safe and effective ways. Let’s introduce it to you.

Food therapy for acne: 1. Boiled Chinese cabbage in chicken soup

Prepare a few pieces of chicken and Chinese cabbage to cook together, which is delicious. Here is a small method for external use, that is, directly spread the washed cabbage leaves on a clean chopping board, gently crush them with a wine bottle or a rolling pin until the leaves are in a net paste, stick them on your face, take them off after 10 minutes, and wash your face with warm water. It’s very effective for treating acne!

Vitamins A, C, e, zinc and carotene contained in Chinese cabbage are antioxidants, which are important magic weapons for skin beautification. They can prevent the skin from becoming dry, rough and lustrous, and also have a very good effect on detoxifying, beautifying and removing acne and pockmarks.

Anti acne dietotherapy II. Red beans

Prepare some red beans, put them in the pot, add water and boil them until they are cooked. Red beans clear the heart and nourish the spirit, strengthen the spleen and kidney, and have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying! It can promote the rapid discharge of oil from the skin, effectively control the growth of acne, make the skin tender, smooth and clear. Drinking more red bean soup can also replenish blood and drive away cold. It is a good product for women to keep healthy and beautiful in winter.

External use: Boil the red beans first, then beat them into red bean paste, cool them, evenly smear them on the face, and wash them off with warm water 15 minutes later. Note that the red beans must be boiled thoroughly. Rough red beans will abrade the skin.

Anti acne food therapy III. pumpkin soup

Cut the pumpkin into small pieces and cook it over a low fire to make a thick pumpkin soup. If you like sweet ones, you can also add some sugar. Pumpkin has high use value and is rich in vitamin A, which has a good repair effect on acne skin.

External use: After facial cleansing, apply pumpkin soup on your face, avoid eyes and mouth, stay on your face for about 15 minutes, wash it off with warm water, or add a little honey and a little milk, and mix well before using.

Acne removing food therapy IV. Houttuynia cordata

Prepare some houttuynia and wash it. Put 20g in the pot and add a little water. After boiling, take the soup of houttuynia and drink it.

External use: take out the boiled Houttuynia cordata and mash it. Take its juice and smear it on the place with acne. Wash it after 15 minutes.

Anti acne dietary therapy v. apple and carrot juice

Peel and core the apple and carrot respectively, wash and cut them into small pieces, put them into the juicer together, add proper amount of water and honey, turn on the mixer, stir for two minutes, and then take the juice and drink it directly.

Apple is a well-known slimming fruit. Its slimming principle is that apple contains unique fruit acid, which can accelerate the aging metabolism of the human body. Using apple to make juice can reduce excess fat in the body on the one hand, and eliminate acne through detoxification on the other.

Anti acne dietotherapy VI. celery banana juice

Wash the celery and cut it into small pieces. Wash the banana and put it into the juicer together with the meat and celery. Add an appropriate amount of water, stir for two minutes, and then drink it directly.

The most special point of this vegetable juice is that bananas are added directly without peeling, which may be unacceptable to many people, but in fact, banana peels are more nutritious. They have been self-made into juice with celery, which can not only help the body eliminate toxins in the body, but also eliminate acne and nourish the face, which has many advantages.

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