Abdominal breathing can reduce the pressure of thin waist without worrying

Abdominal breathing can be performed in a supine, upright or standing posture. During the practice, the whole body is required to relax, and the mind is concentrated in the Dantian 3 inches below the navel and four horizontal fingers. The mind should eliminate distractions and not think about other things. Keep your chest still, slow down your breathing rate and keep it even. At first, about 10 times per minute, and then gradually reduce to 4-5 times per minute. When you inhale, slowly inhale with your nose, thinking that the inhaled gas will naturally reach the Dantian. At this time, your abdominal muscles will relax as much as possible, and your lower abdomen will slowly bulge. Stop for a moment, and then breathe out slowly from your mouth. When exhaling, the abdominal muscles contract as much as possible, and the lower abdomen sinks in. . Breathe naturally and relax.

There are at least nine meridians passing through the human abdomen, namely, the stomach, spleen, kidney, liver and the central renmai, which are symmetrical on both sides. The liver can regulate the emotional and spiritual systems; Spleen meridian and stomach meridian are the foundation of the day after tomorrow, which are in charge of digestion and nutrition; The kidney meridian is the innate foundation, which is in charge of menstruation, brain and endocrine. During abdominal breathing, with the ups and downs of abdominal muscles, all nine meridians move, which stimulates the activation of meridians and collaterals, and then strengthens the operation of Qi and blood. The innate and acquired Qi are strengthened, so that all meridians and systems of the human body are in a stable and balanced state, which is conducive to the adjustment of the brain. and an quiet , which allows people to achieve the best state of relaxation, tranquility and nature, This is also the best state of the meridians.

In addition, abdominal breathing helps to tighten the transverse abdominal muscle, if you persist for a long time, you can reduce the excess fat in the waist and abdomen . Abdominal breathing is advocated in yoga to lose weight, because yoga breathing methods such as abdominal breathing and chest breathing can affect the control of human brain nerves over people’s appetite for food, prevent overeating, especially those greasy foods and meat foods with more fat, so as to achieve the effect of losing weight.

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