The Enlightenment of caring about the danger of having moles on the body

Many male friends usually don’t pay attention to health care, and once they get sick, they don’t take it seriously. In the long run, it will cause great harm to health. Modern men should follow the following advice given by doctors in daily health care.

Chest pain must be examined

After doing physical work or exercise, some men will have chest pain. Generally, chest pain will stop after a short rest, but they should be alert. This may be an early symptom of heart disease. It is better to go to the hospital for examination.

Watch out for hidden testicular cancer

Men between the ages of 20 and 40 are prone to tumors, and testicular cancer is one of them. If found in time, the cure rate of the disease is 85%. Men should often self-examine their sexual organs, preferably after a warm bath. If they find bulging packets on their skin, they should immediately go to the hospital for examination.

Don’t go to the hospital until you are seriously ill

Many men dislike the trouble of seeing a doctor. According to statistics, 80% of seriously ill patients admit that they mistakenly treat minor diseases as serious diseases because they have not been treated for a long time, thus delaying the best treatment opportunity. Annual physical examination is the best way to keep healthy.

Try to eat less greasy and fried food

Men generally have a heavier taste and like to eat greasy and fried food, which is easy to increase the risk of vascular disease. Therefore, we should eat more light food, more vegetable oil and less animal oil, eat more garlic and fish at ordinary times, and drink red wine in moderation, which can reduce cholesterol content.

It’s best not to smoke

Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and respiratory diseases. If you want to have health, you’d better quit smoking. If you can’t quit for a while, you should eat more carrots, sweet peppers, scallions and garlic, spinach and fruits, and drink tea often.

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