Can you whiten your face with lemonade? Can you whiten your face with lemonade

Wash your face with lemon to whiten it. Because citric acid in lemon can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation; Lemon essential oil is rich in vitamin C, which is especially beneficial to whitening, astringency, balance oil secretion, and treat oily skin symptoms such as acne.

Note: lemon essential oil has photosensitivity, which will react to light after use, so it is recommended to use it before going to bed.

Specific washing method:

Wash, peel and slice a fresh lemon, put it into a jar, add Baijiu and soak the lemon for 1 night. The next day, use sterilized absorbent cotton to dip in the liquor to coat the face. After 15 minutes, wash it with warm water. After one week, it will be smooth and white.

Lemonade can eliminate harmful substances in the body, whiten, detoxify and clear the intestines. Lemonade: lemons rich in vitamin C are the catalyst to promote defecation. Drinking homemade lemonade on an empty stomach in the morning can solve the pain of constipation. Lemonade can also prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases, prevent and assist in the treatment of hypertension and myocardial infarction.

When washing your face, drop a few drops of lemon juice into the clear water to astringe pores and reduce the growth of acne and pustules. (pay attention to the concentration of lemon juice. It is not possible to apply lemon juice directly to your face.).

The answer to “can lemon water whiten your face” is yes. Vitamin C can effectively help us eliminate excess toxins on the face and achieve a very good effect of rejuvenating your face. At the same time, you must wash your face every morning and evening in your future life to avoid being exposed to strong ultraviolet light when you are in the sun.

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