How to wash your face to whiten? How to wash your face to whiten

I believe that all people want to have a snow-white face, especially female friends, who take great pains to make themselves white. So how to wash your face to make your face white? Here are some ways to share with you.

1. Beer

Beer can shrink pores and achieve a certain whitening effect. Pour a small bowl of beer, immerse the semi medicinal cotton yarn in the beer, wring it out, apply it to the face, absorb the moisture after half an hour, and repeat the steps above several times. The skin can become tight and smooth, and the whitening effect can be achieved if you persist for a long time.

2. Wash and whiten your face with rice washing water

Can rice washing water also be used to wash and whiten your face? Yes, in recent years, the whitening trend of rice washing water has swept Japan. Because white rice contains water-soluble “water-soluble vitamins” and “minerals”, it will remain in the rice washing water, which is especially rich in vitamin B groups. Because it is a natural ingredient, it is not only suitable for sensitive skin, but also for washing your face every day.

3. Wash your face with white vinegar

The white vinegar we usually use can also be used to wash our faces. Before washing your face, first wash your face with clean water, then connect a basin of clean water again, drop 7 or 8 edible white vinegar into the water, stir it with your hands, then wash your face with facial soap or facial cleanser, and then wash your face with the white vinegar water just mixed. Wash your face like this every day before going to bed. After a period of time, you can find that your face is much whiter than before

4. Wash your face with salt

This method of washing face with salt is more suitable for men. Before washing your face, wash your face with clean water. The salt we usually eat plus cleansing soap or facial cleanser can also whiten your face. Rub a small amount of edible salt together with facial cleanser or cleansing soap, and wash your face from the inside out to thoroughly clean your face.

5. Hydrogen peroxide facial whitening

Hydrogen peroxide contains high concentration of oxygen and has a strong ability to penetrate cells. It not only has a good effect of removing dirt, but also is conducive to enhancing the activity of epidermal cells. Therefore, applying hydrogen peroxide to the face has the effect of delicate and whitening skin. After washing your face, dip a towel in 30% hydrogen peroxide and apply it to your face, 3-5 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day, for 7-10 days. The effect will be very good

6. Wash your face with milk

Before washing your face, wash your face with water, dry it with a towel, and then apply a small part of milk evenly on your face. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the milk to be completely

7. Wash your face with honey

When washing your face with honey, you don’t need to pour honey into water, but first clean your face with water, then pour honey into your hands, smear honey on your face with both hands, and wash the honey on your face after a few minutes.

8. Tea water facial whitening

Tea contains tea polyphenols and other substances that can effectively combat skin oxidation. Its unique antioxidant effect can not only help skin maintain vitality, but also relieve skin. Effectively clean skin dirt and whiten skin.

9. Wash your face with sugar

Wash your face three times a day with sugar and a little water, you can feel it smooth, white and tender in a week, and it is very effective for acne marks. After you wash your face with facial cleanser, you can use a little white sugar. Medically speaking, sugar is good for wound healing. Put it on your palm, add a little water to rub it, and prevent excessive irritation and allergy. Then put it on your face, rub and wash it, and wash it with clean water in about a minute.

10. Chrysanthemum petal

Chrysanthemum is rich in essence and chrysanthemum essence. These effective ingredients can inhibit the production of melanin, soften skin cells, and make skin more smooth and white. This whitening prescription is to seal and store chrysanthemum petals with an appropriate amount of medical alcohol, take them out after one month, dilute them with cold water, and smear them on the skin to effectively whiten.

The above has introduced ten ways to whiten your face. As long as you persist for a period of time, you can get good whitening effects.

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