Often shave, less likely to have a stroke?

Beard has the property of adsorbing harmful substances. When people breathe, they can discharge a variety of harmful chemical gases, which can stay on their beards; The atmosphere contains a variety of heavy metal particles, especially in busy streets. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and lead emitted from automobile exhaust will also be adsorbed by whiskers; Smokers, benzopyrene and other carcinogens in smoke, will also stay on their beards.

In addition, the oil secretion on the epidermis of long beards is more, and it is often difficult to wash off when washing your face with clean water at ordinary times. Studies have shown that grease has the characteristics of adhering to dust and microorganisms. Recently, a research paper published in the American Journal of epidemiology believes that people who do not shave every day have less sexual life and a 70% higher chance of stroke than those who shave every day. This is a research result of Bristol University in southwest England.

Professor yilashin of the medical department of the University, who participated in the study, said that those who did not shave often tended to have fewer orgasms and low testosterone levels, which reflected that they did not have stable marriages and had fewer sexual lives. It was a Scotsman who first noticed the relationship between the speed of beard growth and sex hormones.

He worked on a remote island in the Hebrides in western Scotland. When he learned that he would soon return to Scotland to meet his girlfriend, he found that his beard was growing wildly.

Pavel, a consultant expert on sexual issues in Connecticut, believes that because there are some historical and cultural differences between the United States and Europe, Americans are relatively more informal.

According to his estimation, there is not much difference between white-collar and blue collar workers in the United States in the number of sexual lives per week. If similar research is conducted in the United States, the data may not be as obvious as that in the United Kingdom.

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