Men shave more and more before taking a bath

9 mistakes in using razors

1. Never shave before taking a bath. The skin is unprepared for this, and you may feel burning after shaving, and cause the beard to grow inward.

2. Don’t shave before sports. Because sweat will irritate the skin you just shaved and form an infection.

3. Do not shave hair particles. Although shaving can make the beard cleaner, it is easy to irritate the skin and form inverted beard.

Don’t borrow razor from others, and don’t lend your own to others. Contaminated blades can infect serious skin diseases.

razors should be disinfected with alcohol

An amazing report confirmed that the bacteria content of razors was 125 times higher than that of toilet covers. If the razor is not clean, it is easy to cause bacteria and other dirty things to adsorb on the blade. If the face skin is damaged, it may cause infection after use. Experts remind that shavers should be disinfected regularly with alcohol.

Clean the blade after each use. After 2-3 times of use, soak the blade in alcohol and dry it with cotton. After each use of the blade type razor, take out the blade and remove the residue with a brush. When cleaning the electric shaver, clean the blade holder with a small brush, and then gently wipe off the oil stain on the blade with cotton balls dipped in alcohol.

5. When shaving with a blade, the facial muscles should not be too tense. In this way, it is easy to shave off the roots on the surface of the skin.

6. Don’t shave at the same place from different directions. In this way, you may shave your beard too short to form an inverted beard.

7. Do not use blades that are too old or even rusty. When the blade is not sharp enough, it should be replaced in time.

8. When shaving with a razor, do not shave on dry beard. If you don’t keep your beard moist, those scraped knife marks and bloody pustules will take at least three or four days to heal.

9. The moisturizing perfume after shaving is medically unnecessary. Although the ingredients do make the shaved skin look more radiant, and although you are willing to add some fragrance after shaving, it is recommended that you do not use perfume containing ethanol and hamamelis tincture, because it will cause infection. Check the ingredients of the moisturizing perfume you put on after shaving, and see if these perfume products are specially used after shaving.

choose the right razor according to skin type

After a few men use electric shavers, the skin around the mouth will itch for a while, which may be related to contact with nickel contained in electric shavers. Nickel is the most common allergen. When the skin is damaged, bacterial infection and excessive friction can increase the absorption of nickel. At this time, the use of electric shavers should be stopped, and the old-fashioned manual shaver or the best multi-blade shaver should be selected, so as to reduce the number of shavings and reduce the possibility of allergy.

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