Tell you the secret of vagina

The secret of vagina

1. Use a small mirror, put it under the vulva, move the mirror forward, backward, left and right to look at it, and observe your vulva with the help of the mirror. By observing the color, clarity and consistency of vaginal secretions, such as leucorrhea and menstrual blood, we can find some clues. Normal leucorrhea is a thin liquid of pure color, normal menstrual blood is bright red or light red, and some people will have a little blood clot.

2. Smell the secretion, menstrual blood or the smell of the vulva. The normal smell is light fishy, sweaty or tasteless. If there is foul smell, putrid smell or special smell, problems may occur.

3. Wash your hands and touch the vulva with the “finger pulp” of the index finger and the middle finger from the “pubic mound” to the anus from top to bottom. When you normally touch the vulva, it should feel smooth and soft. If you don’t press hard, you won’t feel pain. Of course, you shouldn’t touch small nodules or lumps under normal circumstances. Otherwise, you may be ill.

Common vaginitis

Vaginitis is a common gynecological disease. When the defense function of the whole body, especially the vagina, drops or is destroyed, pathogens are easy to invade and cause vaginitis. Common vaginitis includes nonspecific vaginitis, trichomonal vaginitis, mycotic vaginitis, senile vaginitis, etc. rare vaginitis includes infant vaginitis, amebic vaginitis, etc.

Local treatment is the main treatment, and if necessary, systemic medicine is used, and both spouses are treated. Boil underwear and washing products for 5-10 minutes and dry them in the sun.

Vaginitis easily caused by young girls

No “inflammation” care for women in summer

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