A few tips to make you feel better

turn off your phone half an hour before going to bed

Don’t turn on your cell phone when you sleep, which is common sense for many people. Long term exposure to electromagnetic waves will affect the nervous system and physiological functions (decreased secretion of melatonin) and affect sleep. Turn off the machine half an hour before going to bed, which can make you sleep better.

bra should not be worn when sleeping

Many women take off their bras when they sleep, which is a good habit., Research shows that those who wear bras for more than 12 hours a day have a 20 times higher risk of breast cancer than those who wear bras for a short time or do not wear underwear. The reason is that the chest tissue is compressed, which hinders the flow of lymph and makes the toxin stay in the chest.

create a good room environment

Don’t turn on the light when you sleep, otherwise it will inhibit the secretion of melatonin and reduce the immune function of the human body. The secretion of melatonin is mainly affected by light. In places with strong light, melatonin is secreted very little, which is not conducive to sleep. Therefore, flight attendants, doctors, nurses and other night shift people have more than twice the probability of cancer than normal people.

women should remember to remove their makeup before going to bed

The more often you sleep with makeup, the more serious your skin problems will be. Like other organs of the body, our skin also has a day and night rule. Removing makeup is not only a cleaning step, but also an important part of skin care, because night is the prime time for skin metabolism and self-healing. Don’t be bothered and ignore your delicate skin.

urinate before going to bed

Many people wake up by urinating rather than waking up naturally. Therefore, don’t drink water two hours before going to bed. Emptying your urine before going to bed will also help you sleep well all night.

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