Exercise your fingers often to make your child smarter

When a child is about 3 years old, with the development of thinking and action, he has the desire to “do it yourself”. At this time, parents can use some simple tools to exercise the dexterity of their children’s fingers and develop their children’s intelligence. The following small games or simple labor can be done in the family. Parents may as well let their children exercise more:

gesture action

While singing, dancing and learning children’s songs, children can be taught to use their small hands to draw various movements and perform the content.

handmade and self-care

With the growth of age, children can tie their shoelaces and eat with chopsticks in combination with daily life; Preparing small scissors for paper cutting and playing with plastic toys can improve the development of children’s fine movements.

fold handkerchiefs and paper towels

Handkerchiefs and paper towels are soft and can be easily folded into various shapes. Teach children how to fold corners and edges into paper boats, paper cranes, flowers, fans, etc.

wear beads and buttons

Let children wear beads and buttons of various colors and shapes with threads and plastic ropes. With the proficiency and refinement of children’s movements, the holes of beads and buttons can gradually become smaller, and the rope can gradually become thinner and softer.

pinball and sugar ball

Let the child use chopsticks to clip the glass beads or sugar balls in the bowl into other containers one by one. After a period of exercise, they can be replaced with smaller round beans.

paper tearing

Take colorful paper and let the child tear it into strips and pieces freely. It can be called noodles, biscuits, hair and so on according to the torn shape. If there is a sewing machine at home, the mother can use the sewing machine to step out various patterns composed of pinholes on relatively hard paper, and let the child tear them down to play.

Experts pointed out that finger movements can stimulate a large area of the brain, and through brain thinking and eye observation, the refinement of finger movements can be continuously corrected and improved. The coordination of eyes, hands and brain can greatly promote the intellectual development of children. Therefore, parents must give their children more opportunities to do things.

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