Ma Guansheng: sports should fight a long war

Every hot topic about sports on Weibo, whether it is backhand touching the navel, showing people’s fishing line, waistcoat line, etc., can arouse the envy of everyone. Exercise is said to be small for a good figure and big for health. At the beginning, many people vowed to exercise well, adding treadmills, rowing machines, yoga mats… They vowed to practice abdominal muscles and Mermaid lines, but after two or three days of persistence, the enthusiasm for exercise passed, and they returned to the lazy state of sitting more and moving less.

Sports, facilities are not the most important, but understanding is the most important. We should fully realize the health benefits of exercise. Evidence shows that regular exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes, hypertension and cancer, effectively eliminate fatigue, improve alertness, improve attention and improve overall cognitive function. Regular exercise can stabilize mood, reduce tension, improve sleep and improve self-confidence.

Promoting health and preventing diseases through sports can not be achieved overnight, three days of fishing and two days of net drying. Strategically, we need to fight a protracted war and persevere. Tactically, we can use guerrilla warfare and other flexible tactics.

I like walking for fitness, because it is easy to carry out anytime, anywhere.

Usually, I walk fast for 20-30 minutes every morning, and the number of steps reaches about 2000. Half an hour after dinner, walk fast for half an hour, and you can reach about 3000 steps. With the number of steps in the morning, you can basically reach the basic requirement of 6000 steps. With a little more effort, it is not difficult to achieve the goal of 10000 steps.

If you walk, you should consider such factors as less vehicles, better environment and safety when choosing the route. In the process of walking, there is no limit to the walking posture, which can be varied, such as dancing (moving the upper arm, jumping), looking left and right (moving the shoulder and neck). The intensity of walking can achieve the best sweating, at least five times a week, and walking every day is the best!

make full use of fragment time

Make full use of the time for commuting, rest between work and so on. If time permits, take a one-stop walk or walk for ten minutes to eat, which not only enjoys the sunshine, but also increases the time for exercise. There is no large block of time movement, which can be accumulated into a whole. Use all time to move, not to move less but not to do, but to move is beneficial!

business trip is a good time to walk.

Many people still hesitate, saying that I don’t have time. I travel a lot and can’t be at home every day. In fact, I often go on business, but I still walk when I go on business. In fact, business is a good time to walk. The airport and the railway station are usually relatively empty. When you walk back and forth, you can walk in big circles when you are rich, and in small circles when you are not rich. Walking is better than sitting.

On business trips, I insist on exercising early. It is usually around the hotel. It not only saw the local customs, but also promoted health. Why don’t you go? In the small park near Yunnan Road in Tianjin, I joined the early exercise team as soon as I strolled around; In the drizzling rain, I once walked on Anshun road in Shanghai and completed a day’s exercise task in 50 minutes. I was still walking and exercising in Suzhou in the morning. I almost walked into the Panmen scenic area in Suzhou. Isn’t it fun to enjoy the scenery while exercising?

The necessary equipment for early exercise on business trip includes sneakers, cameras and sunglasses. Cameras can record what you see at any time, and sunglasses can increase the sense of mystery and coolness. After getting up in the morning, you should brush your teeth without washing your face. You can start after drinking a cup of warm boiled water. When traveling, pay attention to your feet and take safety first as the principle. As you walk, you see interesting and delicious food… Hold up your camera to take pictures and collect materials. If you have a strong sense of direction, you can walk through the streets and alleys to see more places; I have a general sense of direction. The first priority is not to lose myself. I don’t need to worry about using the navigation function of my mobile phone. After finishing your homework and returning to the hotel, drink another half cup of warm boiled water – one cup, and get ready for breakfast.

you might as well walk and watch TV.

Watching TV will increase the risk of overweight and obesity, which is not caused by watching TV. TV has not evolved to such a high level that it can control our weight. However, the energy consumption when watching TV is very small, and some people like to eat snacks while watching TV. It’s no wonder you don’t gain weight!

Some people do want to exercise, but there are environmental (more cars), safety and other problems. Some want to watch the daily news broadcast. After watching it, they feel that it is a little late (winter!), I don’t want to go out for activities. Experts have their own tricks. They can solve this contradiction by watching or listening to TV while walking. Standing up, walking back and forth, that is, walking back and forth on the TV screen; You can also jump to watch TV, perform the simulated action of rope skipping in situ, and watch TV while jumping. I have not only increased my knowledge, but also exercised my body. It is really killing two birds with one stone! You can also jog back and forth in the room for exercise.

If you are a woman, you can practice your body while watching TV. You can not only exercise your body, but also have a good body!

At present, the physical examination centers and hospitals are full of people. In fact, health is not found, nor is health seen. Health is moving. Health is like a beautiful girl. You need to pursue it constantly. If you don’t pay attention to her, she won’t pay attention to you! Exercise for 10 minutes several times a day has a cumulative effect on health. Exercise for 10 minutes several times a day can add up to the health benefits. Sports play guerrilla warfare, walk more on business, do housework at home, watch TV while walking, jump rope in situ, do push ups… There are many choices, why not stay still for health!

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