Men should strengthen their kidneys in winter

Growing in spring and growing in summer, harvesting in autumn and storing in winter are the natural laws summarized from the growth of crops in ancient China. In traditional Chinese medicine, we also pay attention to this law. Health experts point out that the focus of men’s health preservation in winter is “Tibet”.

What I said is that in autumn and winter, men should recuperate for the next year’s struggle. Specifically, men should try to preserve their physical strength in winter to achieve the balance of yin and Yang and blood. The disease reduces excessive consumption. Meet the requirements of “winter storage”. What should men start from in “winter hiding”?

toning in winter to strengthen the kidney

The diet in winter has its own characteristics. Some hot foods, such as mutton and dog meat, can be eaten properly by those with weak constitution and cold, and chocolate can also be avoided.

And eat less cold foods, including watermelons. When eating cold foods such as crabs, it is recommended to add warmed rice wine and shredded ginger to help drive away the cold. In addition, the diet should not be too salty, because salty taste enters the kidney, making the kidney water colder, affecting the deficiency of heart Yang, and adversely affecting the heart.

In addition, some foods with kidney nourishing functions, such as walnuts, chestnuts, longan, etc., can also be added appropriately in the three meals. The kidney corresponds to black in the five colors. Some “black foods” can enter the kidney to strengthen the kidney, such as black rice, black beans, black sesame, black dates, black fungus, black bone chicken, kelp, laver and so on. In winter, we often eat all kinds of warm and hot porridge, and cook the above health food in the porridge together, which can not only drive away the cold, but also supplement the body’s nutrition.

It should be pointed out that many people think that tonifying the kidney is just strengthening yang, which may not be scientific, because this “Yang” refers to Yang Qi, not kidney yang. In fact, the kidney is divided into yin and Yang. No matter whether it is Yang deficiency or yin deficiency, you should tailor the medicine to the case according to your own situation. For the elderly whose Yin essence of kidney gradually weakens, they can eat turtle, turtle, lotus root, fungus and other Yin protecting foods in winter.

subconscious influence function

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