Tips for whitening and sunscreen in summer? Tips for whitening and sunscreen in summer

How to sunscreen in summer? It’s summer now. The sun is scorching, and the strong ultraviolet rays make people dizzy and swollen, and it’s also easy to tan. So we must pay attention to sunscreen in midsummer, so how to sunscreen in summer?

Tips for whitening and sunscreen in summer

1. Sunscreen products

It is only the last step of sunscreen. If you think that you can walk in the sun unscrupulously as long as you apply sunscreen, then you are very wrong. In the concept of sunscreen whitening, using sunscreen products is the last step of sunscreen work, not the first step or the only way. The correct sunscreen method is to try to avoid going out in the sun at noon, but also to reduce the exposure of the sun to the skin with shields, And it is the most effective sunscreen practice to repair after going home.

2. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out

Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going out, which is the suggestion of many skincare experts. They think that only in this way can sunscreen fit your skin better. In fact, according to experiments, it is better to apply sunscreen for a longer time than 15 minutes, and 30 minutes is almost just right. In this way, you can avoid losing sunscreen products because you sweat and have no time to contribute your sunscreen ability.

3. Enough water to whiten

Sunscreen and hydrating are actually two linked problems. As long as the skin is hydrated enough, the moisture content of the cuticle of the skin can increase from 10% – 25% of the normal value to 50% – 70%. The increase of water content in the intercellular space will expand the diffusion path of water molecules and enlarge the intercellular space. Only in this way can the absorption of subsequent effective ingredients be promoted and the whitening effect be enlarged. However, the whitening effect will be greatly reduced if the skin is short of water.

4. Vitamin C Supplement

As we all know, vitamin C can inhibit the growth of melanin and has a very obvious whitening effect. Therefore, to whiten, vitamin C supplementation is very important. In addition to taking vitamin C tablets orally, you should also take more in your diet. There are many fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, such as tomatoes, lemons, cucumbers, carrots, kiwifruit, apples, oranges, etc. eat more of these fruits and vegetables to keep your skin healthy and whitening.

5. Whitening Facial Mask

Facial mask is also an essential skin care product in summer, which can not only whiten and hydrate, but also calm the skin. Before going to bed, apply a facial mask with moisturizing and whitening effect to relieve the fatigue of the day. The cool facial mask is very comfortable. It is recommended to apply it twice a week.

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