Exercise your toes to delay aging and strengthen your body

It is rare for people to consciously move their toes. Therefore, many diseases are caused by less toe movement, such as pain in both feet, numbness of toes, sweating, corns, foot pads, heel pain, heel cracks, phlebitis, varicose veins (especially for standing workers), etc.

The foot is called the “second heart” of people, which shows its importance. The foot is a very hard part of the human body. It has to bear the weight of the whole body, and also cope with walking, standing, running, climbing stairs and other activities. For each step, the impact force borne by the feet is 1.5-2 times of the body weight. For a person with a weight of 60 kg, each step requires the feet to bear more than 100 kg of impact force.

If you don’t maintain your feet well, you’ll easily get various diseases. Because the toes are farthest from the heart, some people’s hypertension is caused by microcirculation disorders in the toes or ankle joints, and even colds start from the feet. Yongquan cave in the foot center can not only discharge turbid gas to the ground, but also absorb clean gas from the ground.

Toe exercise is to move the toes in a certain way so as to improve human health. Toe exercises are divided into three parts: dynamic exercise, static exercise and independent exercise. We can also call it the “three rules” for exercising toes.

The first law: quiet

When standing, lift both toes up at the same time or alternately. The method of toe lifting while sitting is the same as above. In particular, when using a computer or in radio, television or other working environments with high electromagnetic field strength, not only manually, but also the toes should be forced upward to enhance the bioelectricity in the body to resist the interference of external magnetic fields on the human body’s micro magnetic field balance.

When you go to bed late and get up early, you can take a certain time to scratch with your toes or press the back of your two toes with your big toes – bounce down 100-200 times.

The second law: move

When walking, every time the foot is off the ground, the toe is lifted up once. It can also be lifted up when running, and it can also be lifted up and down stairs. When riding a bicycle, when stepping on the pedal forward, press your toes down once; when lifting the pedal from bottom to top, lift your toes up once. This action is not difficult and has no side effects. If you persist in it for a long time, you will surely get results.

The third rule: move your toes independently

Elderly people who do not exercise their ability to move independently are prone to fall when walking and standing. One of the reasons is that the rate of cerebellar atrophy is accelerated. People’s balance center is in the cerebellum, and it is easy to overcome this disadvantage by often practicing independent movements.

This is why middle-aged and old people can’t stand steadily when they first practice Taijiquan. Therefore, if the elderly want to delay cerebellar atrophy, they should practice independent movements (beginners should be close to the table or the wall, welcome to visit ddhw.com, you will like it to prevent falling). The method is as follows:

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