Some small movements have a health care effect

finger movement improves sleep quality

The straightening and bending of fingers can affect the gravitational field of people, and the bending of fingers can enhance the gravitational field, which has a health effect; Especially when sleeping, if you keep your fingers bent, it is more conducive to the contraction of the sleep central nervous system and improve the quality of sleep.

one leg station can prevent hemorrhoids

Generally speaking, when walking, we mainly rely on the strength of gluteal muscles. Gluteal muscles and lower abdominal muscles can promote the blood circulation of tissues around the anus, reduce the pressure in hemorrhoid veins, and effectively prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids. In fact, if you stand on one leg, such as standing on one foot when waiting for a bus or making a phone call, and then rotate when you are tired, you can also effectively reduce the probability of hemorrhoids.

beating the back can improve immunity

Modern medical research has confirmed that there are a large number of powerful immune cells under the skin of people’s back. Because it is not easy for their hands to touch the back at ordinary times, these immune cells are in a “dormant” state. Thumping the back can effectively stimulate these immune cells, make them “resurrect”, promote blood circulation throughout the body through nervous system and meridian transmission, enhance endocrine and nervous system functions, and thus improve immunity and disease resistance.

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