Hidden in the four common small movements are health preservation questions

Sit and pinch your knees. As the saying goes, “people grow old before their legs”, and “legs grow old” means knees grow old first. The knee is the most complex structure of the human body, and it is also the most vulnerable part. In addition, the knee is mostly ligament tissue and bone, with less muscle, that is, “more muscle and less meat”, so the blood circulation here is relatively poor, and we always feel cool when touching the knee at ordinary times. Therefore, a key point in the maintenance of the knee joint is to give it heat and massage. It is suggested that the middle-aged and old people should develop the habit of covering their knees with both hands and giving appropriate massage when sitting on chairs and sofas.

The specific method is: cover the palms of both hands on the patella of the left and right knees respectively, and use the warmth of the palms to warm the knees. The five fingers that spread out naturally play the role of massage, which is equivalent to acupuncture and moxibustion. When massaging, first use five fingers to press radially outward around the patella, about eight or nine times. Then the five fingers work together to gently grasp and rub the knee, and finally rub the knee again. The warming effect, combined with kneading and massage, can promote the blood circulation of the knee joint, so as to nourish the joint and help alleviate various symptoms such as joint pain.

Walk with fists. From ancient times to the present, grip strength is a barometer of health. The larger the grip strength, the healthier and longer the life. Modern research also shows that the more flexible the fingers are, the less likely the brain is to “rust”. The University of London has integrated the Research Report on grip strength over the past 50 years, which shows that grip strength is an effective feature of longevity, and fist making is the easiest way to improve grip strength.

The specific method is to tilt the wrist, five fingers forward, palm down, and then rotate the wrist from front to back, and make a fist. There are two key points of fist making: one is to rotate the wrist, and the other is to press the Laogong point with the middle finger. This is because there are original points of multiple meridians such as the hand Taiyin lung meridian at the wrist. By rotating the wrist, each original point can be stimulated to strengthen the functions of relevant viscera. Secondly, when making a fist, the middle finger falls on the Laogong point in the palm. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Laogong point belongs to one of the pericardial meridians. Pressing Laogong point can clear the heart fire, calm the mind and lower the liver fire. At ordinary times, we can practice fisting while walking. Pay attention to wrists first, then press Laogong point for 3 to 4 seconds at the fist point, and repeat the action.

Practice lifting the anus while lying down. Anal lifting is a traditional method of health preservation. According to traditional Chinese medicine, there are three meridians near the anus: Ren, Du and Chong. The Ren pulse is always the Yin of any body, the Du pulse is the Yang of the governor, and the Chong pulse is the sea of blood. They are in charge of the Yin essence, Yang Qi and sexual functions of the human body. Anal lifting exercise can promote the circulation of yin and Yang Qi. Among them, the perineum is a very important point for longevity. Regular practice of lifting the anus can play a good massage role on the perineum and have a good effect on the maintenance of reproductive function.

When lifting the anus, slightly contract the anus inward, which is similar to the feeling of tolerating stool. After 3 to 4 seconds, relax, and then lift the anus again. Repeat for a few minutes. Long term adherence helps reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids and improve the symptoms of female urinary incontinence.

Stand and lift your heels. The foot is known as the “root of essence”. The corresponding reflection area of the human reproductive system on the foot is the heel. Therefore, the movement of lifting the heel is beneficial to reproductive health care.

When practicing, fully lift the heel, and then slowly drop it to half the distance, and then quickly drop it, that is, shake the heel. This can strengthen the feeling of the feet and exercise people’s balance ability. Regular practice by middle-aged and old people can prevent them from falling. The vibration generated by the jolting foot also plays a benign massage role on the fat pad of the heel, which can alleviate the pain of the heel.

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