Interesting! Tears can also relieve stress

A report in the British times entitled “can tears help women?” attracted the attention of reporters. The article took the tears of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as the entry point, reflecting the various mentality behind the tears. Indeed, everyone has different reasons for crying, either grievance, pain, or fear.

In the eyes of some people, tears are not a simple expression of emotion, but a means of wrestling.

there are two kinds of tears

“Anthropologists have found that crying is an innate instinct of human beings, just like sighing and sneezing.” Zhang yuanxia, a practicing psychologist in New York, said that William Foley, a psychologist at the University of Minnesota, had studied the behavior of tears from the perspective of physiological psychology.

In five years, he studied thousands of subjects who shed tears. The results showed that in a month, men rarely shed tears more than seven times, while women shed tears more than 30 times. According to the motivation of tears, he divided tears into reflex tears (such as being stimulated by onions) and emotional tears.

Emotional tears are usually said to be real tears. For example, we often see new people cry at the wedding scene, cry when arguing with others, and cry at the funeral. Zhang yuanxia analyzed: “psychologically, real crying is based on the four basic emotions of people — joy, anger, sadness and fear. This is because people’s emotions are stimulated by the outside world and act on their hearts. When these emotions accumulate to a certain extent, they will inevitably show natural expression of emotions.”

tears are a tool.

In addition, tears are also a tool. When confronting people or trying to gain some benefits, many people will take the initiative with the help of tears.

“Some people shed tears to win sympathy and escape from reality.” Zhang yuanxia said that in the workplace, some people make mistakes in their work, so they cry before the leaders criticize them. They believe that in the view of leaders, tears show that they are distressed and have reflected deeply.

At this moment, leaders must be soft hearted. After all, it’s hard to get angry with the poor appearance. “Just like some insects, they will huddle up and pretend to die when faced with danger. This kind of ‘Evasion by mimicry’ is similar to the mentality of such people.” Zhang yuanxia added.

Some people take the initiative to show weakness in order to change themselves from passivity to initiative. The competition between Hillary Clinton and Obama is very fierce. When she talked about the difficulty of campaigning in New Hampshire on January 8, she cried excitedly, which helped her win the support of female voters to a certain extent.

Zhang yuanxia said: “I don’t want to explore whether Hillary was intentional or uncontrollable. Just from this news, we can see that she took the initiative to show women’s weakness and triggered women’s empathy. In fact, this is a psychological game, taking a retreat as an advance, leaving herself more room for advancement, and thus taking the initiative in competition.”

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