Summer does not sunscreen, moisturizing and whitening God horses are floating clouds? If you don’t protect yourself from sun in summer, you will find that the water replenishing and whitening magic horses are floating clouds

It’s the key period of sunscreen again. I believe that all MM have “armed” themselves to deal with the terrible sun. However, although sunscreen work is done year after year, many people still do not understand some basic problems of sunscreen. Look at the following questions to see if they are true to your doubts.

What are UVB, UVA, SPE and Pa?

UVB will cause skin sunburn and redness in a short time, and most people will damage their skin in the sun for about 25 minutes. SPF represents the ability to block ultraviolet B light, and the following values represent the ability to prolong the time of sunburn by several times. For example, the skin of Oriental people will be sunburned in about 15 minutes without any precautions, so the sunscreen effect of SPF30 is 30 times that of 15 minutes, that is, it can protect the skin from sunburn in 15×30 = 450 minutes.

UVA can penetrate the surface of the skin, produce wrinkles, and cause skin aging. And UVA in ultraviolet rays is usually 15 times that of UVB, which is the main cause of skin tanning, and even causes skin cancer in serious cases. And PA on the package of sunscreen represents the ability to block ultraviolet a light. PA can prevent skin from turning black or aging. The more “+” numbers, the better the defense effect.

How often does sunscreen work best?

The application times of sunscreen with different products and effects are different. For example, in the hot summer, if you use SPF products, you need to apply it every 160-200 minutes to achieve the sunscreen effect; The effective protection time of PA + products is generally about 8 hours.


Take sunscreen measures 30 minutes before going out

It takes a process for sunscreen to form a protective film. Ladies are better to apply sunscreen on the exposed parts of their faces, backs and upper limbs 30 minutes before going out, and try to avoid going out when the ultraviolet rays are strongest in the sun. It is easy to sweat in summer, so you should apply sunscreen in time.

Apply makeup products correctly

The correct application sequence can give full play to the efficacy of sunscreen, so the correct sequence is: toner, face cream, sunscreen, then make-up, or BB cream and liquid foundation after sunscreen.

In addition, if you apply sunscreen correctly, the sunscreen effect will be more obvious: push it evenly along the muscle texture, and then push it evenly from inside to outside on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin; The neck is pushed away by the palm from top to bottom. When applying, pay attention not to miss the dead corners of the nose and mouth. After opening the nose with one hand, put sunscreen on the other hand. After opening the mouth gently, use the middle finger to gently touch the corners of the mouth.

Finally, it should be noted that when applying sunscreen, it is not necessary to apply more layers. If you apply sunscreen and make-up in the morning, it is also feasible to apply sunscreen in the afternoon: first, use oil absorbing facial paper to absorb the oil on your face, then gently pat some water on your face, and then use facial paper to gently press on your face to remove the dirty makeup and dirty things, and then you can apply sunscreen. However, you should be more careful when applying it, and it should be carried out in different regions, so as not to remove the eye makeup and eyebrow makeup that you had already made.


New sunscreen methods: different indoor and outdoor

Nowadays, in addition to how to deal with light aging, the new concept of sun protection is more important to take a two pronged approach to sun protection for different outdoor and indoor environments, so as to keep young and healthy!

Outdoor high sun protection factor area

The damage of ultraviolet rays to cells will gradually accumulate. Even if you occasionally expose yourself to the sun for 10 minutes every day, it is equivalent to nearly 6 hours of sunbathing exposure in a sun salon. The cumulative amount of ultraviolet rays in a year is still amazing. Sometimes the amount of ultraviolet rays in rainy days is even twice that in normal times, which is inevitable.

SPF20 and PA + + sunscreen products can be used by people who are easy to tan or who often work or exercise outdoors; When walking in the hot sun or swimming on the beach, you should choose strong sunscreen with water resistance and sweat resistance of about SPF30 and PA + + +. And we should pay special attention to calculating the protection time of sunscreen, and apply some more sunscreen when it is about to expire..

Office workers will still get sunburned when there is no sun

Don’t be lazy! You also need to wear sunscreen indoors

Many people think that if you work or have classes in indoor places such as offices or schools, and you have less than ten minutes of sunshine every day, you should not need to sunscreen. But don’t forget that ultraviolet rays are everywhere, and they can penetrate into the room through glass windows. In this case, color spots still appear secretly, so you must remember to wear sunscreen indoors. Fortunately, the indoor temperature is relatively stable, and it won’t make people sweat too much. Wiping it once a half day can play a better protective role.

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