Woman died suddenly at home because of suffocation

Many working women deliberately control the amount of water they drink in order not to reduce the number of urinations. In order to avoid the trouble of waiting in line to urinate, women who often go shopping do not drink water for several hours. In this regard, experts remind that normal urination can not only discharge metabolites in the body, but also have a self purification effect on the urinary system. In winter, we should still insist on drinking more water to promote urination, and develop the habit of urinating every two hours or so, improve the acidity of women’s urine, and help women prevent urinary system infection.

there are three disadvantages of holding back urine:

1. Cause uremia

When the storage space of the bladder reaches a certain limit, it will be suppressed and burst, causing serious consequences; If the urine retention is too much and exceeds the reserve of the bladder, it will flow back to the ureter, which may lead to uremia over a long period of time, and the sphincter of the bladder will become loose. Therefore, once people have the intention of urinating, they must be discharged in time.

2. Stone formation

Urine stored in the bladder for too long will lead to bacterial reproduction, which is easy to cause cystitis and urethritis, and increase the probability of stones; Holding urine for a long time will also cause urine reflux leading to pyelonephritis, and even affect kidney function in serious cases; Urination syncope or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases may occur after urination. According to the research report, those who have the habit of holding back urine are more likely to suffer from bladder cancer than ordinary people.

3. Yi infertility

Often hold back urine, women’s uterus is difficult to reset; When the bladder oppresses the uterus seriously, it will hinder the outflow of menstrual blood and cause serious dysmenorrhea. If the oppressed uterine body “squeezes” the nerve plexus in front of the sacrum, it will cause lumbar pain and serious infertility. If the bladder is held up for too long, the bladder terminal nerve can turn from tension to paralysis, lose the sense of urination, lead to bladder neck obstruction, urination difficulties, leakage of urine, incontinence and other symptoms, causing greater trouble.

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