Teach you two simple papaya whitening methods. Teach you two simple papaya whitening methods

As we all know, papaya has a very good breast enhancement effect. In order to make themselves more “proud”, many women often eat fruit papaya or take papaya powder. However, only green papaya can achieve the best breast enhancement effect, and mm should pay attention to it.

When it comes to papaya, everyone’s first reaction is breast enhancement, often ignoring another beautiful contribution of papaya, which is whitening. Scientists have found that papain in papaya has a good whitening effect.

Here are some papaya whitening methods for you, so that your skin is white, tender and smooth like silk while you have a proud figure.

Whitening and eating

Whitening steamed papaya

Materials: papaya, jujube, lotus seed, honey, rock sugar

Method: add some rock sugar to red dates and lotus seeds and cook them for use;

Cut the papaya in half, remove the black seeds, put the red dates, lotus seeds and honey into the papaya, steam it in the upper cage, and then eat it.

Note: be sure to eat papaya together.

Fragrant papaya milk

Materials: papaya, fresh milk, sugar, crushed ice

Method: peel and seed papaya, cut it into pieces and set aside;

Put papaya, fresh milk, white granulated sugar and a proper amount of crushed ice cubes into the juicer, break them into thick juice, and then drink.

Note: fresh and mature papaya is the best choice.

Whitening application

Papaya yogurt facial mask

Materials: papaya, yogurt (preferably original yogurt)

Method: cut the papaya, remove the black seeds, peel, take 1 / 4 and cut into small pieces, and wrap the rest with cling film for refrigeration;

Mash papaya and crush it with a Juicer;

Take a proper amount of yogurt and pour it into the papaya puree. Stir well.

Note: it is effective to apply facial mask after cleansing.

Papaya powder facial mask

Materials: papaya powder, mineral water

How to do it: 2 tbsp papaya powder, add proper amount of water, and stir into a paste;

Apply it to your face for 20 minutes and wash it with clean water.

Note: the facial mask should not be washed off until it is completely dry. It should be cleaned with water in the semi wet state.

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