Tips for getting twice the result with half the effort

Sports refers to a social activity that takes physical exercise as the basic means, combines natural factors such as sunlight, air, water and sanitary measures, and aims to enhance physical fitness, improve health and enrich social culture and entertainment life. Physical education plays an important role in promoting the normal development of the body, improving the level of mental health, enhancing social adaptability, and cultivating all-round development talents. Exercise can make people energetic and younger. Below, 39 Health Care editors will introduce you four exercise tips to get twice the result with half the effort.

relaxation leads to relaxation

To master the strong and weak rhythm in aerobic exercise, you can add a gentle recovery time to the interval of high-intensity exercise, and the heat consumed in the same time is twice that consumed in rhythmic smooth exercise.

pedal hard with one leg

When cycling, intermittently letting one leg pedal harder can enhance the intensity of exercise and burn 20% more heat.

split exercise time

If you are used to running 5km every day, you may as well split it into 2.5km in the morning and 2.5km in the evening. After the exercise time is shortened, you can appropriately increase the intensity and consume more calories in the same distance.

pay attention to running posture

When running, the arm swings naturally and the body leans forward slightly, which can burn 10% more calories.

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