How many ways to create white and flawless skin? I’ll teach you a few moves to create white and flawless skin

The most effective way to whiten the whole body is the common pursuit of young women who love beauty. Especially in summer, snow-white and transparent skin is undoubtedly the focus of attention. Nobody wants to live with black skin, so how can we have white skin? Here are some tips for you to give you snow-white skin and make you a beautiful scenery on the street.

First of all, we should regulate our lives and change our habits

1. Get enough sleep. Sleep eight hours a day and stay up less. It is time for the body to detoxify after ten o’clock, and going to bed early can reduce the accumulation of toxins. 2。 Drink 8 glasses of water every day to help the body take away toxins. Water is the best tonic and the cheapest natural beauty product. Eating more vegetables and fruits to absorb cellulose and vitamin C can whiten the skin. Keep your skin clean. You must clean your skin before going to bed and maintain it regularly.

Whitening Tips

Vinegar and salt are dissolved in water. The ratio is about water: white vinegar: salt = 9:3:1. Moisten the towel with the prepared mixture and rub it on your face once in the morning and once in the evening. (if you want to rub it more than once or twice, it’s OK.) the effect is good, and the effect is fast. The skin will turn white and the acne will disappear.

Pour the lotion on the cotton pad and wipe your face

Although many people are used to directly pouring makeup water on their hands, Jin Zhiyuan still insists on using makeup cotton, because makeup water can be cleaned twice. Only by wiping with makeup cotton can small dirt be taken away, and it can also slightly exfoliate! And she will strengthen the corners of the mouth, the alar nose and other parts, which can improve the dullness!

Moisturizing apple skin with lotion

Han Niu’s skin always shows super strong luster, but in summer, when they still use air cushion powder, their makeup is really easy to collapse like debris flow! So at this time, we need maintenance to lay a good foundation! After Jin Zhiyuan wiped the lotion, she would apply a wet compress on the apple skin to strengthen moisture retention. The luster of the cotton pad after taking it off was really arrogant!!!

It doesn’t need too many maintenance products, but it can massage to help absorption

The maintenance procedure is about wiping makeup water → wet application → face cream. There are not too many bottles, so every time you go to the maintenance procedure, you must make sure that your skin really eats it! So she will massage to help absorb, especially the love heart area from the cheeks to the chin. She will pat and massage, so the next time you brush the skin care products carelessly, follow Kim Ji won to maintain the milk muscles!.

Essential oil whitening method

Add a few drops of essential oil to the bathtub filled with water, which can play a very good whitening effect. Put a few slices of lemon in the bathtub, and the hot air can release the essential oil in the lemon peel, so that the body is not only white, but also fragrant. 1. Mix 15g of crude salt + 10 drops of sweet orange or lemon essential oil + an appropriate amount of base oil. 2. Use it to exfoliate the whole body when taking a bath, which can restore the skin’s whiteness. 3. Therefore, sweet orange and lemon essential oils have photosensitivity, which will make the skin black when exposed to light. Do not use them during the day.

Lemon slice bathing method

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, which are very beneficial to human body. It can not only effectively eliminate physical fatigue, make skin smooth and tender, and refresh the mind, but also effectively eliminate the thick cocoons on the heels and elbows.

1. Rub the surface of the bought lemon with salt for about 5 minutes, and then put the lemon slices into the bath water. Do not take the bath immediately when you are hungry;

2. Often wipe the rough skin of hands, feet or other parts with lemon peel to gradually make the skin tender

Skin exfoliation

The accumulation of old horniness will cause our skin to be rough and dull. Not only the facial skin will have horniness accumulation, but also the body will have horniness accumulation. But the whole body exfoliation method is not the same. Different parts should be differentiated for exfoliation.

1. Choose bath essence or exfoliating product with exfoliating effect.

2. Use bathroom steam to open the pores, so that dirt and body waste can be easily discharged.

3. Wipe the whole body with the body lotion, and massage the legs, thighs and abdomen of the girl who wants to sculpt her body to maintain her beautiful figure.

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