Panda eyes are not caused by lack of sleep

Dark circles under the eyes have troubled many female friends. Most of them think that they affect beauty, but they do not know that the appearance of dark circles under the eyes actually reflects health problems.

dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation can make women always have “panda eyes”

Most people think that dark circles under the eyes are caused by fatigue or staying up late. In fact, in addition to this reason, some gynecological diseases can also cause dark circles under the eyes, such as dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation, which can make women always have “panda eyes”.

Most of the causes are abnormal blood circulation, which is manifested in dark circles under the eyes. In addition, there are also excessive menstrual blood volume or functional uterine bleeding, as well as some ovarian diseases, which also cause dark circles under the eyes. In short, if dark circles under the eyes exist for a long time, women may as well have a physical examination, including a gynecological examination.

moon shaped dark circles show severe insomnia , anemia or some women’s diseases

Female friends should pay special attention to the moon shaped black circles under their eyes, which are brown or light grey black moon shaped strips with an angle of about 45 degrees from the inner corner to the lower side. They are not obvious when they are young. They start to move outward from the upper side to the outer corner in the middle and old age. They are complete semicircles, about a few millimeters long.

This kind of dark circles under the eyes is generally formed with the change of age and physical health. It is often caused by severe insomnia, anemia or some women’s diseases, such as irregular menstruation, functional uterine bleeding and uncontrolled sexual life. The color will be aggravated and obvious.

Of course, most healthy people can have different degrees of dark circles under their eyes, which is not pathological. They should pay attention to adequate sleep and proper nutrition at ordinary times, eat more fruits, vegetables and foods rich in vitamin C, and do some eye health massages and warm compresses when necessary.

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