10 Secrets for delaying aging

Age is no longer a woman’s secret, because your skin is dull, loose, fine lines and color spots, and these signs of aging have exposed your age. So don’t wait until you are old to fight against aging. Start from today, do it one day earlier, and lose one day of skin age!

Aging of the human body is a natural law. The growth, development and aging of the human body are closely related to the functions of the viscera and the rise and fall of the Qi and blood of the meridians. When the body lacks Qi and blood, the Qi of the meridians and collaterals does not run smoothly, the functions of the viscera decline, and the balance of yin and Yang is lost, aging will be caused and accelerated. We cannot violate this law.

However, when people adopt good living habits and health care measures, they can effectively delay aging and improve the quality of life. Who is the first aging part of the body? Wrinkles on the face can be delayed, so can other parts of the body. Let’s explore together to slow down the aging process of the body.

1. Hands

If the hand is properly maintained, aging is relatively slow. The most obvious sign of aging is age spots, which may not appear until after the age of 50. So before that, as long as you ensure that she does not dry and expose herself to the sun, she can help you keep your age secret.

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A British study found that women who carefully groom their hands look younger. Shiny decorations on nails or small rings on fingers can distract people from wrinkles or spots on the hands.

2. Nose

The nose has a beautiful time limit, and the most beautiful time of the nose is 20-45 years old. After the age of 45, you will find that your nostrils droop, the shape of your nose changes, and the bridge of your nose is slightly sunken every morning. Even, you can feel that your nose is much larger than before, so after the age of 45, you can’t tell any more lies!

This is because the nose shrinks like other soft tissues (skin, fat and muscle). With the growth of time, the bones will also shrink. Without the support of the bones, these soft tissues will have fewer bases to support.

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Pay attention to sunscreen, don’t smoke, and start using skin care products that can awaken regenerated cells. Because the blood composition of women changes during menstruation, their immunity is relatively poor, and their respiratory tract is more susceptible to infection. During this period, you should stay away from places with heavy pollution, or from excessively cold and overheated environments. Exercise for half an hour at least three times a week can enhance the antibacterial capacity of the respiratory tract and prevent nose aging.

3. Brain

Since the age of 30, our brains have begun to age, and our weight has gradually decreased from the heaviest 1600 grams. Do you want to keep your queen status in the family for a long time to come? Then you have to let your brain grow a little slower!

Are men smart or women smart? Even God has no definite answer to this question. Studies have found that although the brain volume of men is 15% – 20% larger than that of women, the death rate of brain cells in men is twice as fast as that in women.

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Chew carefully and swallow slowly, not only to keep fit, but also to keep the brain young. When the teeth chew food for 20 times, the blood flow to the brain will increase significantly, which can ensure the blood supply to the brain and maintain normal thinking activities.

Playing an instrument can make the brain control several muscles to work in coordination, which is undoubtedly a kind of brain training. Therefore, let him pay for the instrument he has long loved! Chatting helps stimulate the connections between brain nerve cells, promote brain thinking, and delay the gradual aging of the brain, just like doing “health exercises” for the brain.

4. Ovaries

After the age of 35, due to the decline of ovarian secretion function, our beauty began to be troubled – irregular menstruation, lusterless skin, hair loss, increased wrinkles, rough skin, sour waist, weak legs, fatigue, vaginal dryness and breast atrophy. Ovaries are your privacy zone, and she also undertakes important work. Medical research shows that the ovary is the only organ for a woman to secrete estrogen and progesterone, and the status of estrogen and progesterone will determine the beauty of a woman’s youth or the degree of her old age.

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Please find the man you love and have perfect sex with him at least three times a week. Science has confirmed that frequent sexual intercourse can not only keep a woman’s vagina young, but also regulate the balance of yin and Yang of women and help stimulate the vitality of the ovaries. I love soybeans as much as I love him! Beans and bean products contain a substance similar to estrogen, which can supplement the deficiency caused by reduced estrogen secretion after ovarian atrophy.

Although the effect of this substance is 1000 times lower than that of estrogen, its concentration in blood is 1000 times higher than that of estrogen. Therefore, many health experts say that soybeans are women’s lovers!

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