How does sleep posture analyze your personality?

The latest British research report says that if you want to understand a person’s real personality, it is a good way to observe his sleeping posture. After investigating about 1000 people, researchers analyzed and summarized six common sleeping postures, each of which is related to a person’s different personality.

fetal sleeping posture

That is, the face is hidden inward, and the body shrinks into a ball, like a fetus in the womb.

About 41% of the people adopt this sleeping posture. Such people are weak in character, and a sensitive heart is hidden under their strong appearance.

trunk sleeping posture

That is to say, when sleeping, the body is biased to one side, and the arms are extended downward and placed on the body. About 15% of the people adopt this sleeping posture. Most of them are cheerful, love to communicate with people, like to integrate into different groups, and in many cases show leadership and appeal. But they are credulous and naive.

missing sleeping posture

That is, the body is biased to one side, and the hands are extended outward to form a right angle with the body. About 13% of the people adopt this sleeping posture. This kind of people likes to communicate with others, is outgoing and easy to integrate into the collective. However, they are suspicious, sometimes even a little extreme and cynical, and it is difficult to accept different opinions.

soldier sleeping posture

That is, lie completely on your back with your hands close to your sides. People who like to sleep in this way are generally introverted and conservative. They don’t like noisy occasions where there are many people. They will meticulously abide by some strict standards, and over time, they will unconsciously impose strict requirements on others.

free fall sleeping posture

That is, lie prone on the bed, put your hands on the pillow, and lean your face to one side. This kind of people is easy to be nervous, generally more active, often acting rashly due to lack of foresight, and generally cannot accept criticism from others with an open mind.

starfish sleeping posture

That is, when sleeping, lie flat on the bed with your arms slightly raised on the pillow. People who habitually use this posture are helpful and very good listeners. They are generous to people and have many friends, but they don’t like to be the focus.

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