God! Different bad breath will tell you something wrong

Chen Yi, director of internal medicine of Zhejiang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, called bad breath “a sign of modern society”. He said, “stress, emotional anxiety, insomnia, irregular diet, constipation and other causes of bad breath are all related to fast-paced life.”

It’s easy to think that eating scallions, garlic, leeks and so on often will lead to bad breath. However, some bad living habits are easy to be ignored, such as overeating at dinner, eating too much meat, greasy food or hot and spicy condiments, having too short a time from dinner to sleep, and having too much such food in your stomach when you sleep, which is easy to cause bad breath the next day.

You can also take bad breath as a sign of your own health:

For example, rotten halitosis with rotten egg flavor may be oral disease; The sour smell may be due to failure to brush and gargle normally, eating too much snacks or having chronic atrophic gastritis; Patients with severe constipation and intestinal obstruction often have fecal odor and bad breath; The breath of diabetes patients has rotten apple flavor; Patients with advanced lung cancer have putrid breath.

Director Chen Yi said that generally, people with heavy halitosis can smell it by themselves. They close their left and right palms and fold them into a closed bowl, covering their mouth and nose, then breathe into their gathered palms and then inhale through their noses. If you really have bad breath, you can chew gum or clean the coating of your tongue with a toothbrush.

However, it is better to let the doctor fundamentally regulate it. Traditional Chinese medicine takes the pulse, looks at the tongue coating and face, and then listens to the patient talk about the situation. Generally, we can know the cause of halitosis, and then treat it according to syndrome differentiation and suit the medicine to the case. If it is caused by stomach fire, it will clear away heat and reduce fire, and if it is caused by moisture, it will dissolve dampness; If it is caused by insomnia, use tranquilizer to help sleep.

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