3 ways to quickly relieve sleepiness

Although falling asleep is not a serious disease, it will bring great inconvenience to life. There are many reasons for pillow falling, such as improper head and neck posture when sleeping, too high pillow, neck injury or cold, cervical spondylosis and so on.

If the pillow is not too serious, I can solve it myself.

1. Click luozui point

“Luozhen acupoint” is located at the back of the hand, between the second and third metacarpal bones, a little behind the phalanx joint. This point is a special experience point for the treatment of occipitation, which can be self massaged alternately with left and right hands. Key points: rub the acupoints with your thumb, apply force from light to heavy, and keep pressing heavily for 10-15 minutes; In the process of massaging acupoints, extend the head slightly forward and slowly shrink it from the front to the bottom, so that the lower jaw is close to the upper sternal fossa, and the neck muscles remain relaxed. Then rotate the head gently and slowly left and right, gradually increasing the amplitude from small to large, and gradually extend the neck to the normal position. The rotation is limited to the maximum range where there is no pain.

2. Cold compress

If there is severe local pain, stiffness, or swelling or burning, it means that the injured part is congested and inflamed. Therefore, cold compress should be given within 24 hours. Small ice cubes can be wrapped in towels or plastic bags and applied to the affected areas for 15-30 minutes each time, twice a day, or once an hour in serious cases.

3. Hot compress

When the inflammation and pain are alleviated, consider hot compress to dredge the meridians, promote blood circulation and remove stasis. Wet compress with hot towel or dry compress with hot water bag. If you have time, you can take a hot bath, especially wash the affected part of the neck repeatedly with hot water, and massage the neck with your hands while washing. The effect is better.

39 Health Care editor tips: to prevent pillow falling, you can do more shoulder and neck exercises at ordinary times. The pillow height, softness and hardness should be moderate, and you should also avoid sleeping in the car.

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