Men’s breast cancer is more dangerous than women’s, I’m afraid!

Women’s obsession with men’s breasts is no less than their own shopping complex. In a survey on “the most attractive part of men”, 10% of women chose “strong hips” and 20% chose “lower body”, but 60% chose “solid chest / pectoral muscles” without hesitation.

When people began to focus on the lines of the chest, it was possible that tumor disease had crept into the man’s chest. Due to lack of vigilance, even if there is breast hyperplasia, men always laugh it off, and will not think that they may have breast cancer

there is a lump under the nipple, so be alert.

Li Bo, director of VIP expert consultation center of Guangzhou andrology hospital, said that male breasts are small, so it is easier to detect small foreign bodies when they appear. In case of any of the following conditions, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible:

1. Caking and swelling. There are discoids or lumps around the areola, especially just below the nipple, with hard texture and unclear boundary.

2. Nipple discharge and invagination, occasionally accompanied by pain.

3. Lymph node enlargement. The biggest characteristic of breast tumors is easy to metastasize. If the axillary lymph nodes are found to be swollen for a long time, we should also be vigilant.

men are more at risk of breast cancer than women.

For a long time, compared with female breast cancer, people do not know much about male breast cancer. According to a large-scale survey in the United States, the incidence rate of male breast cancer has increased by 25% in the past 30 years. Although China has not been included in the high incidence area, the incidence rate of male breast cancer is on the rise.

Director Li said that as the breast tissue of the male breast is weak, once a breast tumor occurs, it is easy to spread outward and around, and it does not take too long to spread to the skin and muscle tissue of the breast. This is the main reason why male breast cancer patients are often in the late stage at the first visit.

On the other hand, “male breast cancer has always been ignored, let alone included in routine physical examination, which is also the reason why male breast cancer is more dangerous than female breast cancer.” Director Li said.

what factors lead to male breast cancer

“Although the etiology of breast cancer has not yet been fully understood, it is closely related to the abnormality of hormone levels.” Director Li said that the factors inducing male breast cancer mainly include the following:

1. Genetic factors. Similar to female breast cancer, genetic factors are an important cause of male breast cancer. Nearly one fifth of male patients with breast cancer have similar diseases in their families.

2. Excessive estrogen. In the treatment of andrological diseases, if you take too many drugs containing estrogen or regularly eat supplements containing hormone components, you will increase the chance of breast cancer and become an important inducement for men to suffer from breast cancer.

3. Excessive smoking, drinking and eating seafood will lead to endocrine disorder.

4. Liver disease. Liver diseases such as liver cirrhosis will affect the metabolism of hormones in the blood, leading to a large accumulation of estrogen in the body, while the level of androgen is relatively low.

5. Lack of exercise and obesity. Sitting still for a long time, the accumulated fat cells can convert male hormones into female hormones, especially for middle-aged obese people, who have a higher incidence of breast cancer.

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