Small nails are abnormal, and the body is red

White spots, textures, little suns… Creep onto your originally smooth nails. Do you think they only affect your beauty? Unexpectedly, they are health warnings to you!

According to traditional Chinese medicine, nails are the external glory of the viscera and blood, which are directly related to the viscera and meridians of the human body, and can fully reflect the physiological and pathological changes of the human body. By observing the shape, size and color of nails, one can reflect a person’s basic health condition, and even see his potential health crisis; And through the changes in the luster, lines, spots and so on of the nails, it can be inferred that the body is quietly changing. Therefore, to learn to observe nails is to learn one of the easiest self-test methods for health.

1. Proportion of nails


It mainly includes the length width ratio of nails and the shape of nails. Because nail shape is mostly related to congenital genetic factors, most of what can be seen from nail shape belongs to their own physical differences.


People with long fingernails are mild and not irritable, so diseases caused by mental stimulation are relatively rare in them. However, because of the weak innate constitution and poor immune system, it is easy to suffer from acute inflammatory diseases, such as respiratory tract infection, gastroenteritis, brain and chest diseases.


People with short fingernails are prone to impatience and impulsivity. These people are relatively weak in heart function, and are more prone to lower body diseases from abdomen to waist, as well as legs and feet. If the tip of the nail is flat and embedded in the meat, neuralgia, rheumatism and other diseases are more likely to occur.


The length and width of these nails are close to each other, and the nails are close to square. These people have poor physique and are often weak. Although they have no obvious serious diseases, they are easy to become patients with many hereditary diseases. If a woman has such nails, she should be alert to problems in the uterus and ovaries.

2. Nail shape

Lily shaped:

The nail is relatively long, with obvious protuberance in the middle and inward curvature around. The shape is like a lily piece. This kind of nail is often seen in women. The shape of this nail is the most beautiful. However, most people with this nail have been sickly since childhood, especially in the digestive system, which is often prone to problems and blood system diseases.


This kind of nail is narrow at the bottom and wide at the top, and the fingertips are curved. People with fan-shaped nails are mostly born with strong physique. They have good physique and strong tolerance since childhood, but they are easy to ignore their health. In adulthood or old age, it is easy to suffer from duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis and even liver disease.


With round nails, the owner looks strong and rarely gets sick. This kind of people are very insensitive to diseases, and it is difficult to recognize the abnormal state of their bodies. Therefore, once they get sick, they are often very serious. Among them, ulcers and bleeding, pancreatitis, cardiac dysfunction and even cancer are the most common.

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