Health care? First, understand your own strengths and weaknesses

Women have many physical and psychological advantages, but there are also disadvantages. We need to know early and prevent early.

Advantage 1: the age of cardiovascular disease is 10 years later than that of men.

Negative effects: high mortality rate of myocardial infarction in middle-aged and elderly women

The incidence rate of cardiovascular diseases in women in their thirties and forties is much lower than that in men. This is mainly due to the protective effect of estrogen. Under the protection of estrogen, women have good vascular elasticity, normal blood cholesterol metabolism, and are not easy to form atherosclerosis The level of estrogen will decrease gradually with the growth of age. Once the blood vessels lose the protection of estrogen, the process of vascular sclerosis will be greatly accelerated; Estrogen also plays a certain role in the metabolism of cholesterol in the liver. The reduction of estrogen level will have a negative impact on cholesterol metabolism, which will further aggravate vascular diseases. Therefore, after menopause, cardiovascular diseases in women can reach the degree of development in men in 10 years, and the prognosis is poor. In other words, once women suffer from cardiovascular disease, their symptoms are serious and the mortality rate caused by myocardial infarction is high.


Estrogen levels have dropped by 50% since the age of 35. Therefore, women should start to protect their cardiovascular health from the age of 35. They should not stay up late, have a balanced diet, try to eat low-fat foods (especially less high cholesterol foods such as nuts, caviar, egg yolk, salad dressing and deep-sea fish oil), lose weight and exercise more.

Advantage 2: immune system function is relatively strong

Negative effects: excessive immunity

Women live longer than men, and the important factor is that women’s autoimmune system is relatively stronger than men’s, and they are less prone to autoimmune diseases.

However, behind the strong function of the autoimmune system, women are more likely to suffer from immune hyperactivity diseases that are difficult to treat, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple scleroderma.


Avoid the harm of the following factors to the immune system: drugs, environmental pollution, poisons, food additives, essence and fragrances, washing supplies, strong ultraviolet radiation, etc.

Advantage 3: the beauty of high heels

Negative effects: knee joint disease

Beautiful high-heeled shoes not only make women’s body straight and straight, their spirit doubled, but also make their height “grow”. However, women’s naturally broad hips make the knee joint bear more force, and high heels aggravate the damage to the knee ligament.


There are two keys for women to protect their knee joints: one is to maintain a reasonable weight. The knee joint carries the weight of the whole body, and obesity often damages the knee joint. Second, wear health shoes. The heel height should not exceed 4cm, and a heel of about 2.5cm is suitable.

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