Whitening Tips of water oil balance program whitening methods of water oil balance program

In summer, everyone’s face is greasy. However, some people’s skin, although oily, is still dry and peeling. Why? This is caused by the imbalance of water and oil in the skin. Next, make a “water oil balance” plan for your skin to restore delicate and white skin!

Water balance plan

1。 Little secret: upgrade moisturizing lotion

Oily skin should pay more attention to moisturizing rather than oil control when using makeup water. Let me tell you a little secret recipe to upgrade the water oil balance function of your makeup water: two drops of myrtle essential oil in 150ml of makeup water can effectively balance all kinds of skin moisture and sebum.

2。 The frequency of exfoliation is reduced

In hot summer, the skin is prone to lack of water. If you are careless in exfoliating, such as exerting a little more force, taking a long time, or using too high a frequency, you will cause skin sensitivity. You should apply a Hydrating Facial Mask or continuously apply moisturizing essence to replenish water in depth and improve skin metabolism.

3。 According to the ingredients, choose moisturizing products

When choosing moisturizing products, we need to pay attention to two types of special moisturizing ingredients: one is “water grabber”, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and moisturizing factors, which can firmly “grasp” the moisture in the air to moisturize the skin; The second type is “water lock master”, such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which are hydrophilic and can dissolve and lock with free water in the skin, so that water is not easy to evaporate.

Oil balance plan

1。 Proper amount of oil in moisturizing products is indispensable

When choosing moisturizing products, it needs to contain an appropriate amount of oil. For dry skin, it can ensure the oil content of the epidermis to lock the moisture in the skin cells. For oily skin, there is an appropriate amount of oil on the skin surface, which can control the excessive oil secretion of the skin and maintain the oil balance of the skin.

2。 Use mild cleanser instead

In summer, cleansing products must not only emphasize the cleansing function. At this time, the oil secretion function of the skin is particularly unstable. It is necessary to replace mild cleansing products in time to give gentle care to the skin. It is best to choose products containing natural plant ingredients or added moisturizing factors. Even if oily skin needs to be degreased, it is necessary to choose cleansing products with moisturizing effects.

3。 Strictly control the water temperature of face washing

In summer, the weather is hot, and many people like to wash their faces with cold water. Cold water does have the effect of cooling and relieving summer heat, but cold water will stimulate the skin’s capillaries to tighten, leaving the dirt on the face in the pores. In fact, it is best to wash your face with warm water in summer. It will not only remove dirt easily, but also make your face feel really cool..


1。 When the oil secretion is vigorous, it needs to be hydrated

When the skin is short of water, the oil secretion system will lock in the remaining water of the skin by secreting more oil. Especially in summer, when the oil secretion of the skin is too strong, don’t just remove oil blindly, but pay more attention to rehydration.

2。 Hydrating and moisturizing are two steps

Water replenishment is to directly replenish water to the epidermis and dermis of the skin, such as makeup water, in order to improve the moisture content of the skin; Moisturizing is a step to prevent skin moisture from evaporating, which aims to lock moisture from losing, but cannot solve the problem of skin water shortage.

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