Big reveal: Ten fatal weaknesses of the old man!

No longer strong

Vaginitis gynecological examination tips

A man always likes to boast about his bed skills in front of his brothers and women. Only the women who sleep with him know how good he is. But of course, he has to lose in front of others. As for sex, men love and hate it. In the bottom of their hearts, men actually have a deep fear of their sexual ability. They are afraid that one day they will suddenly die in bed. The little brother who is most proud of will shrink back and can no longer sing the flag raising ceremony. Looking at the disappointed and even disgusted expressions of women, they think that they can no longer regain their power. This nightmare may make men want to commit suicide, The small blue pill Viagra will be popular all over the world because it hits the sore spot where men are afraid that they can’t!

Whether or not to go to bed is the most important thing for a man that has a bearing on face and self-esteem. Although a man’s mind is full of sex, he also has a great need for sex. How deep is the fear that he will no longer be strong that day!


It is absolutely impossible to have money. Money is like buying insurance for men. Many men believe that having money means having power. Many men pursue career achievements all their lives, and the so-called achievements are measured by money. Having money can enjoy many material things. Some men even think that even women can use money to meet their needs as long as they have money.

I’m not only worried that I don’t have money to buy a house, but also that I need money for social intercourse, girlfriend dating, family, parents, children’s milk powder, meals and school, and my wife is stretching her hands every month. Money, money, money! What men fear most is not having money!

middle aged unemployment

The workplace is the most important area of many men’s lives, and it is also where men can give play to their strengths. Although Taiwan’s unemployment rate is not high, with society entering the era of technology. There are also more and more men who worry that they will not keep up with the times and will be eliminated.

wear a green hat

Because his wife had another boyfriend, Wang Yu not only led people to catch adultery on the spot, but also insisted on filing a lawsuit. Wang Yu said: “I will never let the man who plays with my wife go! He will pay the price!” The scandal caused a storm in the city, and although the settlement ended in the end, the whole process was as emotional as a series. If you think about it, even the great Xia who was famous in the martial arts movies in the past can’t escape the fate of wearing a green hat. It can be seen that for ordinary men, whether their girlfriend and wife will run away with others also makes them afraid. Wearing a green hat is not only humiliating for a man, but also makes friends around him feel that he is not very bad and has no charm at all. Otherwise, why would his own women run away with others? Wearing a green hat can make a man angry and offensive. Turning to the social section of the newspaper, you can find that there are many cases of love killings because a girlfriend or wife has moved to another love, which shows how devastating it is to wear a green hat.

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