Three tips to whiten your skin? 3 ways to brighten and whiten your skin

Whitening is a very important thing for our friends. As everyone’s skin is dark and uneven and people’s life is irregular, the whitening method should be different from person to person. Here are three tips to brighten and whiten your skin.

Whitening skills

1、 Wash your face with rice washing water

When washing rice every day, leave the first and second washing water, let it clear slowly, and then take the clean water part on it to wash your face, so that your face can become white and delicate. This kind of rice washing water is more suitable for oily friends, because after washing your face with it, your face will not be too bright. After washing your face with rice washing water, wash it with 3 times as much water.

2、 Milk on the face

Put a few drops of water into the bottle or bag of the finished milk, shake it well, pour it into the palm of your hand, smear it on your face, and then wash it with water 5-6 minutes after application. If this method is used for a long time, the face will become increasingly white and tender. It is more effective if it is used after bathing.

3、 Whistle

Whistling can affect the full movement of the head and face muscles, thus reducing facial wrinkles and slowing the pulse.

Daily habits help whitening

There are many whitening methods, not only pay attention to what to eat, but also have effects on whitening in other aspects! Not as good as good daily habits will make our skin more white, so which daily habits will have an effect on whitening? Let me introduce it to you!

1. When you want to sleep, cut the cucumber thin and put it on your face. Take it off in a few minutes, and your face will be white and tender in a month.

2. Before going to bed, completely soak your face with the cheapest cotton pad and make-up water, apply it to your face for 20 minutes, three times a week, and your skin will be bright and clear!

3. Get up every day and drink two glasses of water, one of which is added with some salt, which can clear the intestines and stomach.

4. Be sure to use tea and sunscreen before going out, and remember to remove your makeup immediately when you go home.

5. First wash your face with warm water and then cold water, which will make your face clean and pores smaller.

6. Be sure to drink more water and not stay up late, eat less fried things, and keep your skin clean.

7. After washing your face every night, pour Yakult on the cotton pad and apply it directly on your face, or even on your forehead and chin. It not only removes spots and whitens, but also uses about one sixth of a bottle of Yakult each time.

What can you eat to help whitening

Although black looks healthy and charming, many beautiful women still want to be whiter and whiter, so they do not hesitate to spend a lot of money on various whitening and skin care products. In fact, the healthiest whitening is still eaten. Please see what fruit can be used to whiten.

Pork feet soup

Pig’s foot soup can increase the elasticity of skin. As pig’s feet are rich in colloid, taking 5000mg collagen every day can increase skin elasticity, reduce fine lines and make skin look younger.

Sugar cane papaya pig’s feet soup

In daily life, we know that there are many foods that can whiten, such as sugar cane papaya pig’s feet soup. Do you know the specific methods? Let’s introduce the practice of sugar cane papaya pig’s feet soup. I hope you can make delicious food through this practice.

Raw materials: sugarcane, papaya, pig’s feet, Chinese wolfberry, horseshoe, ginger slices, salt


1. The pig’s feet were cut into pieces and fished out of the water. The sugarcane was peeled and cut into sections, the horseshoe was cut, the ginger was sliced, and the papaya was diced.

2. Put water in the pot to bring the pot to a boil, put pig’s feet into the pot, turn the heat down and put ginger slices into the pot for 40 minutes.

3. Add sugar cane, horseshoe and boil for another 10 minutes. Add papaya and Chinese wolfberry, and finally add a little salt to taste.

Monkey Peach Salad

Monkey peach salad can help skin detoxify. Because fruits are rich in vitamins, eating more fruits can help the skin detoxify, and Mihoutao has a high content of vitamin C, which can interfere with the production of melanin, help eliminate the dullness on the skin, and make the skin brighter.

Soybean Milk

Soymilk is rich in vitamins C and E. drinking soymilk every day can increase the smoothness of skin and improve scars.

Brown sugar cake

Brown sugar cake can accelerate metabolism and whitening. Since brown sugar is regarded as the holy beauty product in Japan, the amino acids and trace elements it contains can help the skin detoxify, accelerate the metabolism of acne and acne, and whiten the skin.

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