The color of your palm implies your disease

When it comes to looking for a doctor by hand, do you think it’s as ridiculous as a fortune teller on the roadside? In fact, hand diagnosis is not a product of metaphysics and superstition. It has a long history, and it has been flourishing for a long time because of its accuracy and practicality. The most valuable thing about hand diagnosis is that it may indicate the presence of lesions before obvious discomfort occurs.

look at the palm color

The healthy palm color of yellow people is mainly red and yellow, and the following are abnormal:

Cyan, indicating congestion disease

Both palms are red, mostly with heat syndrome, and the red color of thenar and thenar deepens, which is a sign of hypertension or liver cirrhosis. If the red color worsens in a short time, it is often a risk signal of cerebral hemorrhage.

White, often indicates insufficient Qi and blood; Red and white dots cover the whole palm surface, suggesting digestive dysfunction or endocrine disorder

Those with dark brown may be signs of malignant disease.

five finger theory length

The thumb should reach half of the third segment of the index finger, and if it is not enough, it indicates that the person is prone to anger; The index finger reaches half of the first knuckle of the middle finger, and those with short fingers often have poor spleen and stomach.

People whose middle finger is lower than the ring finger and index finger are prone to heart disease, while those whose middle finger is too long are often prone to low back pain; If the ring finger is shorter than the index finger, the heart and brain function may be poor; The length of the little finger should reach the cross pattern of the second knuckle of the ring finger. If it is not, it indicates poor reproductive function. If the starting position of the little finger is low and the total length is standard, it is still normal.

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