9 secrets of taking care of your body

A woman’s private parts must be well maintained. Now I’ll teach you some skills to prevent premature aging of her private parts!

1. Don’t let him “go through the back door.”

Going through the “back door” and then the “front door” — this is absolutely not allowed! UTI enzyme protein in the body fluid of healthy men is just the “killer” of female urethritis.

2. Do Yin contraction exercises

Tighten the muscles near the pelvis and PC muscles. Use the strength and method of suppressing urination, maintain it for more than 2 seconds each time, three times a day, and persist for 15 days every month. This can not only keep the vagina tight, but also promote the blood circulation of the inner wall of the vagina and increase its sensitivity.

3. Trim body hair

The best way is to “cut”. Hot wax and various depilation creams will damage the skin in Zone V, causing unnecessary redness and swelling and even bacterial infection. Although the pruning is not as thorough and immediate as the above two, for the health of Zone V, you can let the other half clean up the garden for you. Moreover, men use razors every morning, and their “gardening” skills are much better than those of women.

4. Trim carefully

The wound left carelessly when trimming body hair is tantamount to opening a convenient door for germs.

5. Let her breathe fresh air

100% cotton underwear is the most intimate protection in zone v. In addition, try to reduce wearing skinny jeans and other clothes that clamp your hips as much as possible, which will cause temperature rise and bacterial breeding, which will aggravate the number of yeast and cause vaginitis.

6. Keep clean

Use colorless and tasteless bath soap every day. After rubbing out foam in your hands, gently rub your vulva with foam. Our vagina has a self-cleaning function, so never wash your vagina by yourself, which will destroy the internal acid-base balance.

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