What are the tips for leftover women to get rid of acne? How to remove acne marks for leftover women

On singles day, you, who are single, have more or less the feeling of feeling lonely and lonely because of the “Festival”. In addition, the acne on your face still does not cooperate, leaving a patch of acne marks, which makes you miserable. If you don’t want to continue to order, please eliminate the acne marks quickly. Even leftover women should be beautiful! Then let’s look at the ways to eliminate acne marks with Xiaobian!

Clean skin

Thoroughly cleaning the skin is the first step to remove acne marks. Wash your face in the morning and evening every day. First, wash your face with warm water to completely open the pores of your face, then apply the acne mark removing facial cleanser on your face and gently massage. Be careful not to break the acne. Because the pores on the face were opened by washing with hot water before, after cleaning with acne removing facial cleanser, wash your face with cold water to tighten the opened pores!

Use toner

After washing your face, gently pat your face with your hands and press it to absorb water and replenish water! After drying, you can use toner to freshen and tighten your skin. When applying toner, you can gently pat it several times to fully absorb the moisture! As for toner, here’s a little trick: choose toner with acne removing and sterilization functions, put it in the refrigerator, chill for a while, and then take it out. Then dip the cotton pad with toner and apply it on the acne for 5 minutes. Use the ice temperature to slow down the blood circulation and relieve the skin

Regular exfoliation

Adhering to regular exfoliation every week also plays an important role in desalinating acne marks. On the one hand, exfoliation can improve the pigmentation of acne marks, and on the other hand, it can let the skin absorb more whitening ingredients.

Use whitening products

We all know that vitamin C has the effect of whitening, so we start from the inside of the body and take an appropriate amount of vitamin C orally every day. In addition to drugs, we can also eat fruits or vegetables containing vitamin C.

Use whitening facial mask

Generally speaking, many whitening products have the effect of weakening acne marks, so we can use this effect of whitening products to dilute acne marks on the face. Adhere to the use of a series of whitening products, and pay attention to sunscreen work, so as to effectively dilute acne marks.

chemical peel

The whitening facial mask in whitening products should not be used too often. Generally speaking, it can be used two to three times a week. In addition, some acne removing facial mask on the market are also very effective, which have a good effect on reducing acne marks.

Take vitamin C

Professional fruit acid skin replacement has a good effect of removing marks, because it mainly stimulates the proliferation of cells through fruit acid, so as to achieve the effect of weakening and removing acne marks.

Apply vitamin E

Cut the vitamin E capsule, squeeze out an appropriate amount of vitamin E, smear it on the place with acne marks, and gently massage to promote the absorption of effective ingredients, which can promote the renewal of skin and help fade scars.

DIY toner: Calendula toner

Method: pour an appropriate amount of Calendula water into the facial mask bowl, and then immerse in the facial mask paper, so that the facial mask paper can soak up water. Wash the facial skin, apply a hot towel to the facial skin, keep it for 3 minutes, take off the towel and apply a facial mask full of Calendula water, and then wash it with clean water 15 minutes later.

Efficacy: Calendula fruit is rich in vitamin A, which not only has the effect of whitening and shrinking pores, but also can prevent pigment precipitation and fade acne marks.

Skillfully use essence

After toning, you can choose essence with acne removing effect to evenly apply it on the face, massage the skin to promote the absorption of essence. Moisturizing is a step that can not be ignored, and moisturizing skin care products without oil and burden should be selected. Moderate massage can help skin metabolism and even skin tone.

Homemade acne removing facial mask

In addition to the usual care, partners who are troubled by acne marks may as well try to make their own facial mask to remove acne marks, using natural materials to eliminate acne without leaving marks.

Cucumber acne removing facial mask

Method: wash and peel the cucumber, cut it into small pieces, put it into the juicer to extract juice, then pour it into the facial mask bowl, dip it into the prepared paper film, and let the paper film fully absorb the cucumber juice. After cleaning the facial skin, apply the facial mask to your face, keep it for 15 minutes, and then take off the facial mask and wash it.

Efficacy: applying cucumber juice to your face can promote skin metabolism and blood circulation. It is perfect for removing acne marks.

Seaweed acne removing facial mask

Method: mix 20g of seaweed particles with proper amount of purified water to form a facial mask. Stick it on a clean face. After 10 minutes, wash the skin with water and apply the cream on it.

Efficacy: the pure natural plant seaweed contains protein and vitamin E, which can wrinkle, remove spots, whiten and diminish inflammation on the facial skin, eliminate eye bags and wrinkles, increase nutrition and moisture, and make the skin more elastic and youthful. It can repair skin while removing acne and acne marks, leaving skin delicate and smooth.

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