Health care: learn to recognize health by listening to sound

We often say that sound expresses emotions, and emotions come from the body. Traditional Chinese medicine has attached great importance to the significance of sound in diagnosing diseases since ancient times. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes “looking, smelling, asking and cutting” in diagnosing diseases. Smell includes not only smelling but also listening to sound.

Traditional Chinese medicine generalizes the five sounds that people often utter as “exhale, laugh, song, cry and moan”, which correspond to the five viscera, namely, liver exhale, heart laugh, spleen song, lung cry and kidney moan. A good doctor can tell which organ of a person has a problem from the sound it makes.

the sound corresponding to the liver is “Hoo”

“Hoo” has two meanings, one is to shout, and the other is to exhale. People with excessive liver Qi or liver yang are often prone to anger and yell; People with stagnant liver Qi often sigh. For example, when some people return to their offices after being criticized by their superiors, they must sit there and exhale and make a “whooshing” sound. This is actually an involuntary self-help function of the human body, which reduces stagnation of liver qi by exhaling and sounding outward.

the sound of the heart is laughter.

If a person is particularly energetic, he will love to laugh and laugh heartily, which means that he has sufficient morale and there is no obstacle to his operation; But if you always laugh and just sit there laughing when you have nothing to do, it is a manifestation of mental disorder or lack of Qi, which belongs to morbid state.

As the saying goes, “a smile is ten years old”. Moderate laughter can dredge your heart and improve your health. However, it should be noted that laughing too much and too much will also hurt people’s morale. As mentioned in the complete biography of Shuoyue, Niu Gao was very happy when he caught his old opponent Jin Wushu, and “died laughing”. Laughter dissipated all his spirits.

In addition, many comedians suffer from or even die of heart disease, such as Gao Xiumin, a famous skit actor, Ma Ji, a famous crosstalk performance artist, Hou Yaowen, a famous crosstalk actor, and Liu Deyi, a famous Sichuan comedian, all died of heart disease, which may also be related to the fact that comedians are often in the mood of “laughing”, laughing too much and hurting their morale.

the sound corresponding to the spleen is song.

The song here is what we usually call singing. If a person’s spleen is especially strong, his voice is very loud and clear, and he sings loudly and loudly, with sufficient confidence; If a person has a weak temper, his voice is very low, and he is very weak when he sings. In addition, singing too much will also hurt your temper, so people who like singing should eat more yam, jujube, Euryale sauce, honey and other foods that replenish the spleen and Qi.

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