Thunder to be avoided from 10 to 80 years old

From birth to old age, there are health problems to be faced at every stage of life. These problems are like “time bombs” buried around us, which threaten our physical and mental health at any time. Poor diet, sedentary, overwork… If we are careless in life, we may be caught. Life times interviewed medical experts in various disciplines in China to teach you to recognize and safely avoid hidden health minefields of every age group.

male reproductive disease prevention and female dysmenorrhea prevention for 10-20 years old dysmenorrhea

Guo Jun, director of the andrology Department of Xiyuan Hospital, Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, believes that adolescence is the key period for the growth and development of male testicles, and the incidence rate of cryptorchidism and testicular torsion is high. Parents should pay attention to the reproductive health of boys, try not to give them tight jeans, and urge their children to exercise.

A foreign survey showed that the prevalence of dysmenorrhea among adolescent women was 67.2%. Wang Sumei, deputy chief physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that adolescent girls face various mental pressures, such as school entrance examination, which are easy to induce primary dysmenorrhea, and need to pay attention to nursing in the physiological period with the help of their mothers.

During menstruation, avoid washing your hair with cold water, and eat less raw and cold food such as watermelon and ice cream, so as to avoid uterine contraction and dysmenorrhea caused by cold. Also pay attention to rest and don’t do strenuous exercise.

men aged 20-30 protect prostate and women against migraine

According to the statistics of the Chinese Medical Association, the incidence rate of prostate disease among men around 30 years old is 30%. Sedentary, do not like exercise, irregular work and rest are related to it. Guo Jun said that common prostatitis is only a man’s “little cold”, which can be prevented and treated as soon as possible.

He suggested that drinking more water and urinating more can reduce the stimulation of high concentration urine to the prostate. Regular sex life, warm bath, combination of work and rest, and reduction of psychological pressure are beneficial to prostate health.

According to statistics, 10 ~ 25.99 million people suffer from migraine in China, with a incidence rate of 9.3% and a common age of 25 ~ 35 years. Data from the US Department of health and human services also show that about 75% of migraine sufferers are women, most of whom are between 20 and 45 years old, and about half of them occur before and after menstruation, which may be related to fluctuations in hormone levels during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.

Wang Yuping, chief physician of the Department of Neurology at Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, suggested that women should try their best to avoid tension, irritability and other bad emotions, and prevent overwork; Diet should be light, and vitamins and minerals should be supplemented on time.

digestive disease prevention for men aged 30-40, uterus protection for women

Liu side, a professor at the Digestive Disease Research Institute of Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University, believes that men in their 30s and 40s have a high incidence of digestive diseases, with chronic liver diseases (such as alcoholic liver and fatty liver), stomach diseases (such as indigestion and chronic gastritis), and inflammatory bowel diseases (such as ulcerative colitis) being the most common.

The common inducement is bad living habits. Men at this age should pay attention to regular diet and reduce unnecessary social intercourse.

According to statistics, the incidence rate of endometriosis among women of childbearing age in China is 10% ~ 15%, with a high incidence of 25 ~ 45 years old. Wang Sumei explained that endometriosis is the “wrong home” of the endometrium, which is often accompanied by various menstrual disorders, such as prolonged menstruation and excessive menstrual blood.

It is recommended that women should do yoga training three times a week or do moderate intensity whole-body activities once a week; Menstruation is not sexual life, reducing the probability of menstrual blood reflux; Avoid heavy physical labor. In addition, it is necessary to remind working women that 21-29 years old is the golden period for childbirth, and missing this period may increase the risk of endometriosis.

40 ~ 50 years old male anti hypertension, female anti menopause

Professor Xu Dingli, director of cardiovascular department of Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University, said that the incidence rate of atherosclerotic and hypertensive heart diseases will increase with age. According to the American Heart Research Council, men in their 40s and 50s often eat too much meat, resulting in “three highs”.

The survey found that about half of middle-aged men in China have poor eating habits, often skipping breakfast, eating lunch casually and eating dinner severely. It is recommended to chew and swallow carefully, limit each meal to about 40 minutes, increase the intake of vegetables and beans, and replace snacks with fruits and nuts; Keep exercising, and do walking, jogging, swimming and other sports at least 2-3 times a week; Quit smoking and stay away from second-hand smoke.

According to Wang Sumei, the ovarian function of middle-aged women is declining, the secretion of estrogen and progesterone is decreasing, and they are facing turning points such as menopause and menopause. In addition, marital emotion, family relations and other problems have caused great mental pressure, which is prone to emotional agitation, irritability, insomnia and other reactions.

Ma Jianwen, chairman of the psychological counseling professional committee of the Guangdong Social Medicine Research Association, suggested that middle-aged women should “sleep in their hearts first and then their eyes”. After 9 p.m., they should keep calm and not watch TV dramas with tense and tragic plots. Go to bed at 11 o’clock on time to ensure “golden 7 hours” sleep. Keep an open-minded and positive spirit in case of trouble.

prevention of diabetes for men aged 50-60 , heart disease for women

The physical examination reports of more than 20000 people by a physical examination center show that diabetes patients are mainly concentrated in people over 50 years old, and the peak incidence is at 60 years old. According to the “epidemiological survey of diabetes and metabolic syndrome in China”, the prevalence rate of men is twice that of women.

William Noller, a diabetes expert at the National Institutes of health, suggested that middle-aged people should eat more fruits and vegetables and reduce the intake of fat meat and whole fat dairy products; Keep exercising, such as jogging. If you lose 7% of your weight, you can reduce your risk of diabetes by 50%.

A survey in the United States shows that the risk of heart disease in women after the age of 50 is greatly increased, which is related to the reduction of estrogen after menopause. In China, 80% of the menopausal age of women is between 44 and 54 years old. Wang Sumei suggested that middle-aged and old women should protect their heart health, check their ECG regularly, stay up less late, decompress by doing yoga, listening to music, chatting and so on, and reduce the intake of oil and salt in their diet.

stroke prevention for men aged 60-70 and fracture prevention for women

According to statistics, 64% of stroke occurs between 55 and 75 years old, and there is a trend of youth. The risk of stroke in men is slightly higher than that in women. Quitting smoking is of great significance to prevent stroke. The study found that the risk of stroke caused by smoking in men over 65 years old was 2 times higher than that in those under 65 years old. Wang Yuping suggested that you can quit smoking by diverting your attention. In addition, we should change the bad lifestyle and actively control hypertension.

The incidence rate of osteoporosis in people over 60 years old is 56%, and the incidence rate of osteoporosis in women is as high as 60% ~ 70%. With the growth of age, people become stiff, less flexible, more prone to fall and even fracture. Wang Sumei reminds that you can eat more foods with high calcium content, such as milk and shrimp skin, and get more sun exposure. Bone mineral density should also be checked regularly and estrogen replacement therapy should be carried out under the guidance of doctors.

70 ~ 80 years old male anti vascular disease, female anti cognitive impairment

According to the data released by China vascular forum in 2012, there are about 65 million to 130 million vascular disease patients in China, and the incidence rate of people over 70 years old is 20% ~ 30%, with a male to female ratio of 5:4. Once something goes wrong with a blood vessel, it will be a blow to the whole body. It can be said that “the disease is in the body, and the danger is in the heart and brain”.

Drugs that dilate blood vessels and reduce blood viscosity can be used for basic treatment. In terms of prevention, the pace of life should not be too fast, eat less fish and meat, wear too tight shoes and socks, sit cross legged or cross legged frequently, and cut your fingernails too close to your skin.

A large-scale epidemiological survey found that 11.5% of the patients over 75 years old with cognitive impairment in China. Postmenopausal women are three times more likely to suffer from this disease than men, which is related to the decline of estrogen levels. In addition, the elderly feel lonely and helpless in the face of retirement, widowhood and other problems, which will also affect their cognitive function.

Gao Fangkun, former director of the Beijing Institute of Geriatrics, suggested that the elderly should be able to move, learn, and see. Take part in more community activities and family affairs, often study and physical training.

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