Publish four major causes of obesity

I. sleeping under the light, lying down is a trick

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Researchers at Ohio State University in the United States used mice to do experiments. The researchers divided the mice into two groups and lived in normal sunlight for 16 hours every day. At night, one group of mice spent eight hours in dim light, while the other group spent eight hours in total darkness.

In this group of comparative experiments, at the beginning of the experiment, the two groups of rats had the same amount of food and activity. Two months after the experiment was carried out, the researchers observed that the weight of mice overnight in dim light increased by 12g, and that of mice overnight in dark environment increased by 8g. The results infer that continuous exposure to light at night will affect the secretion of hormones in the body that are conducive to metabolism. Lighting at night may lead to a decrease in hormone secretion, thus causing a disturbance of the biological clock and weight gain. So if you want to lose weight, you should keep good eating habits and biological clock!

II. Home fattening trap

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lighting and tableware affect appetite

In the dim light, it is easy to relax, so you will eat more than normal unconsciously, so you’d better choose a restaurant with bright lights. In addition, yellow bowls and plates will greatly increase your appetite, because yellow will stimulate your appetite. You may as well try blue and purple bowls and plates to reduce your appetite.

if the room is too messy, you will get fat.

According to the daily mail of the UK, the American psychologist Peter Walsh’s book the secret of a thin room pointed out that messy rooms can also lead to obesity. Accommodation can reflect the host’s mentality and figure. For example, messy kitchen will lead to poor diet or sports shoes. It is difficult to keep fit if you can’t find them. Before losing weight, we should make the house orderly and let ourselves say goodbye to bad habits.

grow meat while watching TV

Doctors from the US Centers for Disease Control pointed out: “the best way to avoid eating too much is to turn off the TV and don’t watch while eating, especially for families with children.” When watching TV, people will always have an unnecessary appetite and eat a lot of junkfood unconsciously.

III. personality determines weight

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A 50 year long study by the American Psychological Association pointed out that people who are naturally nervous or lack a sense of responsibility often have ups and downs in their weight. The study also points out that people who are more impulsive weigh more than 22 pounds on average than those who are calm. Impulsive people tend to have the eating habits of overeating and drinking, which is the biggest reason for their obesity. If you want to lose weight, mental health is very important. In addition to having good living habits, you should know how to adjust your healthy mental state.

IV. temperature makes people fat

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In an environment with a room temperature of about 20 ℃ for a long time, the metabolism of the human body will slow down, and the energy consumption will decrease accordingly, which has the chance of obesity. Even if you eat very little, food will still become fat and accumulate, so people will gradually get fat. This is the fat meat blown out by the Fu Qi. No wonder a lot of OL will grow meat with their working years. In addition, sweating is a good way to take away toxins and consume heat in the body, but in an air-conditioned place, we lose the opportunity to sweat. Our body functions can’t tell whether it is winter or summer. The pores of the skin shrink, which affects the perspiration function over time. One of the reasons for obesity is that the body can’t sweat normally.

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