Five major leg whitening care methods? Five major leg whitening care methods

In the hot summer, it’s time to show your legs again. Have you taken good care of your legs? Now Xiaobian will introduce some methods to improve your legs. In hot summer, you can wear short skirts and shorts to show your legs!

Leg sunscreen

In hot summer, the first thing I think about is to sunscreen my legs, which account for the most part of my body. If I don’t take good care of sunscreen, it’s easy to come down in a summer, and there will be obvious color difference between the places that are not covered by clothes and the places that are covered. Because of the large area of the legs, it is a very economical choice to choose a large amount of sunscreen. Put it on about 10 minutes before going out.

Exfoliating care

The most easily accumulated part of the body cutin is concentrated in the joints, and the knees and ankles are the key areas that need to be paid attention to. The accumulated cutin will also appear dark, resulting in local uneven skin color.

When bathing, the skin’s softness is increased by exfoliating, and the joints and dark areas often exposed to the outside can be polished with scrub cream to regain luster.

Moisturize skin

After exfoliating, it is recommended to smear lotion on the skin within 10 minutes, which can not only soothe and calm the skin, but also is the best time for the skin to absorb nutrients. Especially to strengthen the knee and other joint parts, you can massage them in a round way. The application direction of the limbs should be from the distal end to the proximal end, which can strengthen the blood circulation effect. If the slimming lotion is used, it can be gently massaged or patted after application to enhance the absorption effect of the skin.

Legs whitening care

The body skin has a higher tolerance than the face skin, and can be applied with strong whitening body products such as fruit acid, which should be applied evenly to create white legs.

Soothe your legs

After working hard all day, remember to help your legs eliminate fatigue. When taking a bath, drop essential oil with soothing and relaxing effect into the bath water to let its effect permeate quickly. After taking a bath, spray makeup water or lotion with calming, cooling and soothing effects, and then lift your legs for 15 minutes, so as to promote blood circulation in the legs, relax the leg skin and eliminate fatigue.

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