Predict fertility. Look at your fingers

The more white meniscus on the fingernails of a person’s hands is displayed, the more obvious it is, indicating that the person’s fertility is stronger. On the contrary, the less white meniscus on both hands is displayed, the worse the person’s fertility is.

(1) Easy to conceive patients: there are obvious white small meniscus at the root of ten fingernails of both hands, but often the nail surface of most patients is light red or white.

The main symptoms of men are usually low sperm count, vitality, viability or non liquefaction of semen. Women’s symptoms: mainly fallopian tube obstruction or menstrual disorder. Patients like this usually get the right treatment and are often the easiest to get pregnant.

In addition, if both sides are normal people with fertility, and most of the ten fingernails of both sides show white small meniscus, it is also easy to conceive in reality.

(2) General easy to conceive patients: only two or three fingernails on both hands show small meniscus. Patients like this, whose nail surface is generally light red or white, are generally easy to conceive when treated.

(3) Patients who are difficult to conceive: only the mother finger of both hands shows a small white meniscus. For people like me, the nail surface often goes further and is obviously light red or light white, and the palm is also light white or light yellow, and some tend to be cold; His face is also obviously yellowish or pale. He looks dull, weak, dizzy and afraid of cold. Their poor fertility or difficulty in pregnancy is often a very obvious omen of infertility; Most people are directly infertile.

(4) Obviously, it is an infertile patient: there is no small white meniscus at the root of the fingernails of both hands. People like this are obviously infertile patients, which is one of the most obvious characteristics. Often, the nail surface of these people is the most obvious light red or light white, and the palm is also light white or light yellow, and some tend to be cold; At the same time, their faces are most obviously yellowish or pale, especially the total number of sperm or sperm vitality test results of men are often between 30% and 50%, and they basically fail to meet the requirements of fertility. In short, patients with this condition seem to have dull faces, weak limbs, low spirits, poor blood gas and fear of cold.

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