Daily habits make skin shine charming

You know what? Healthy skin should be smooth, elastic and transparent. When the blood of the human body is vigorous, the face will be ruddy and glossy. The lack of luster on the face is mainly due to blood deficiency and Qi deficiency caused by daily bad habits. The spleen governs the movement of Qi. If the energy of the lower Jiao is insufficient and the support of the heart is insufficient, you will feel flustered and lack of Qi. In this way, the return of the inferior vena cava and the superior vena cava of the heart is slow, so the blood circulation is slow. Therefore, the circulation of the face is also slow. After the circulation disorder occurs, the metabolism of the cuticle of the skin also forms an obstacle. Therefore, metabolic deposits are formed on the skin. After a long time, the skin becomes impermeable and looks dull. Dead skin will form after a long time of accumulation in the cuticle of the skin.

there are the following reasons for skin dullness:

1. Lack of sleep

Adequate sleep at night can make skin cells more active, old cells will be drained, and new cells will grow. If you sleep too late or not enough, your metabolism is not smooth, resulting in the thickening of the aged stratum corneum, loss of transparency and dark color. Therefore, if you want to have a uniform and bright complexion, go to bed before 11 p.m.

2. High pressure

When I’m at work. When all kinds of pressures in life come, our bodies will be in a tense state and our hearts will be irritable. At this time, the blood vessels of the body contracted, the blood circulation became worse, and the face became dark. When you are too tired, the metabolism of your skin is slow, and your face becomes darker due to the accumulation of horniness. If you have dry skin, the moisture in the stratum corneum is insufficient, the complexion is dark, and the lack of transparency will be more serious.

3. Incomplete cleansing

Many women have the habit of making up. When foundation make-up, powder Blusher and other substances stay on their faces for a period of time, they will mix with sebum, dust and other substances to form dirt, and then oxidize and deteriorate. If you don’t clean your face thoroughly, dirt will remain on your face, which has nothing to do with the dullness of your skin tone. In particular, the “T-shaped area” of the face should be paid more attention to when cleaning. In addition, when the oxidized foundation make-up comes into contact with ultraviolet rays, it will form lipid peroxide and disrupt the rhythm of skin metabolism, so special attention should be paid.

4. Ultraviolet radiation

The damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin can not be underestimated, especially now that it is summer, it is very important to go out to prevent sunscreen. According to the length of the wavelength, ultraviolet rays can be divided into three types: A, B and C. both a and B will damage the skin. Ultraviolet rays will deeply damage the dermis, damage collagen fibers and elastic fibers, make them deteriorate, leave lumps in the dermis, and make the skin lose the sense of clarity and turn yellow and dark.

how to restore the skin’s brightness

1. Get enough sleep

Foreign studies show that the best sleep time should be about 7 hours. After 11 p.m., the human body starts to enter the “repair” mode, so staying up late is absolutely undesirable. It’s summer now. Maybe some people will feel that they always feel sleepy in the afternoon after sleeping for 7 hours at night, and they are prone to doze off. In fact, the best way to solve the problem of napping in the afternoon is to take a break of more than 20 minutes at noon, preferably not more than 1 hour. Because I slept too long at noon, I felt even more tired after waking up and could not put myself into work in a short time.

2. Keep happy

If you are stressed and irritable, you can take exercise if you can’t get rid of the depression in your heart, and you will feel much more comfortable after sweating. Or find three or five friends and family members to chat, which can also effectively relieve pressure. There are nine times out of ten things in life that are not satisfactory. If you want to be open about everything, it will hurt your body and heart if you can’t take it up or put it down.

3. Exfoliate

The skin of any skin type may appear dull and lusterless, but it should be noted that dry, mixed and sensitive skin should not be exfoliated with oil controlling cleansing facial mask or coarse grain scrub products at will. And when the skin is in a sensitive state, has acne or the wound is not healed, it is best not to exfoliate. After each exfoliation, you should immediately apply a moisturizing facial mask or a nutritional facial mask, because at this time the skin has the strongest absorption and can repair the skin in time. It is an effective way to make the skin smooth and smooth by exfoliating, but it is not appropriate to exfoliate too much or often, otherwise the skin will become thin and fragile. Moreover, the time that can be maintained after each exfoliation is quite short, and the old keratinocytes die endlessly. If the metabolism is poor, it will soon form a new accumulation, making the skin surface rough and dark.

4. Massage promotes blood circulation

The method of massage to promote blood circulation is now known by most people and is becoming more and more popular. The simplest massage method is to gently circle from inside to outside and from top to bottom. It should be noted that the massage time should be 5-10 minutes each time, not too long. At the same time, the massage time should be 1-2 times a week. The thin, sensitive and red skin should not be massaged. After massage, you should also use moisturizing facial mask or lotion and other maintenance products to lock the pores opened by massage.

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