Three health cycles let you improve your strength

45 minutes, 24 hours, 28 days… These simple numbers actually contain vital health information. It is reported that there are many “clocks” hidden in our bodies. Under their command, the body can operate healthily and effectively, which is the health cycle of the human body.

45 minutes – fatigue cycle

When the human central nervous system is in an excited state, the regulatory function is strengthened and the metabolism is accelerated. At this time, all functions of the body reach the best state.

However, in general, this “exciting” effect will disappear after 45 minutes. At this time, even if the human body does not feel tired, in fact, the body is already in a “tired” state, unable to concentrate, and more and more metabolic wastes are generated in the body. After work, people will feel abnormal fatigue.

Expert advice

People engaged in intense work should “take the initiative to rest” for 3-5 minutes every 45 minutes or so, even if they just pour a glass of water and walk around at will. If you take the initiative to rest before you feel tired, you can enhance the immune function and disease resistance of the body, which is the best way to prevent fatigue.

24 hours – sleep cycle

Most of the activities of healthy human bodies show a 24-hour circadian rhythm, which is compatible with the 24-hour cycle formed by the regular rotation of the earth. Only after a person enters a state of deep sleep can many organs of the body, such as liver, gallbladder, lung, skin, etc., repair themselves at a high speed. In addition, high-quality sleep is the best way to restore physical strength and nourish spirit.

Expert advice

Good sleep habits are very important to the human body. It is generally said that adjusting the “biological clock” means adjusting the time of sleep and work in 24 hours a day to form a certain rule. Women who love beauty should pay particular attention to the fact that when the human body is sleeping from 11 pm to 5 am, the speed of cell division is faster than usual. At this time, the absorption rate of skin care products is very strong. If you use nourishing night cream and moisturizer rich in nutrients, you can achieve the best effect in skin maintenance and repair. Of course, Amy should not forget to go to bed before 11 p.m.

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