Drooling in sleep or the body is calling the police

When you sleep, you snore like thunder, drool like water, and talk in your sleep… These seemingly deep asleep behaviors may just be the danger alarms issued by your body. Life times has summarized several common bad sleep habits, which often indicate physical discomfort.


This may be due to weak gastrointestinal function, water accumulated in the stomach and intestine, resulting in excessive saliva overflowing from the mouth. In addition, oral inflammation can also promote saliva secretion, leading to drooling; After catching a cold or catching a cold on the face, drooling may occur in sleep. Such patients also have symptoms such as lax eye closure and crooked mouth. They should be treated as soon as possible.

If you drool after falling asleep and have symptoms such as crooked mouth or headache after getting up in the morning, it means that you are more likely to have a stroke and should seek medical attention immediately; Arteriosclerosis will cause facial muscle relaxation. In addition, the swallowing ability of the elderly is weakened, which will also cause drooling in sleep. You should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.


If the mattress is moderately soft and hard, and the pillow height is 10 ~ 12cm, people who snore while sleeping on their sides should pay attention to it, which may indicate that you are overweight or have narrow trachea. It should be noted that if you don’t gasp when you hit it, if you repeat it more than 30 times a night, or if you don’t get tired every time you wake up, and feel sleepy during the day, it may be sleep apnea syndrome, which needs to be treated as soon as possible.

talking in sleep

People will talk less in their dreams when they grow up. There is no need to worry about talking in their dreams occasionally. You can consider whether it is caused by a high fever or the use of antidepressants. However, if you talk too often in your dreams, resulting in fatigue and mental depression during the day, it may indicate that people have too much mental pressure and need to vent their emotions.

half open

When sleeping, there is a gap between the upper and lower eyelids, which may be facial nerve paralysis, or weak eye muscles, resulting in incomplete eye closure. If sleeping with half open eyes does not happen frequently, there is no need to worry, but if sleeping with half open eyes for a long time, you need to ask for the help of a doctor.

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