How to use the treadmill safely in daily life?

Recently, the unforeseen accident of sports has brought us another sad news. Goodberg, the husband of Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, died of a serious head injury due to a careless fall during running.

A data from the federal consumer products Commission of the United States shows that every year, about 50000 people are injured due to the use of sports equipment such as treadmills, fitness balls and dumbbells, of which the injury caused by treadmills accounts for the vast majority. Thousands of people will enter the emergency room of the hospital because of this. Among them, the most common injury is inadvertent falls on the treadmill.

Can you really use the treadmill safely? It is not used, but used safely. If you have the habit of running on the treadmill, the following eight suggestions are put away quickly.

wear the right one.

Is there anything wrong with running clothes? The clothes on the treadmill are different from those on outdoor running. You may wear loose clothes such as windbreaker outdoors, but it is best to wear close fitting clothes on the treadmill to avoid accidents caused by clothes hanging on the machine.

to “security check”

The first step in using the treadmill is not to set the mode and time, but to “check” the treadmill. Check whether its placement is stable, whether the table top is dry and free of foreign matters, and whether the handrail is dry. Only by making sure of these can you ensure that you don’t slip and trip.

clamp well

What’s in it? Here are my clothes. The treadmill is equipped with an emergency brake clip. If there is one, clip the clip onto the clothes. In case of a fall, the clip will drive the brake pad to pull out from the safety port. At this time, the running machine stops running in an emergency, so that it can avoid being dragged by the transfer belt.

warm up

Running on the treadmill also requires warm-up, which is no different from running outdoors. Stretching the muscles and ligaments of the waist and legs, and moving the knee and ankle joints are all essential for regular warm-up.


When running, you should run wholeheartedly, listen to music at most, and look at the programs on the electronic screen in front of you. These movements and activities are enough for your body. You should stop playing on your mobile phone, chatting with your peers, and looking left and right and suddenly turning around. Concentrate, concentrate, say important things three times.

to slow down

If the speed you set is relatively fast, you need to slow down properly when drinking water, changing mobile music, and adjusting clothes. If necessary, you need to pause, and then resume the original speed after these actions are completed. These “vignettes” are just like 10 seconds or 20 seconds, and almost have no impact on your performance.

slow down!

At the end of the training, it is best to let your heart rate drop below 120 times per minute and then press the stop button. When you get off the treadmill, you must wait for the table to stop completely. Many accidents occur at the end of the exercise.

be good

Yes, be good and don’t get upset. Don’t do anything like running backwards, jumping, suddenly accelerating, and some strange movements like dancing. You must have seen the GIF chart of dangerous movements that make people feel bad. You should remember that their results are not good. Don’t wait for tragedy to happen before crying no Zuo no die why you try.

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